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Canvasdesign Sponsored Triathlon Bike

Yesterday (April 10th 2014) saw the start of a journey for one of our Quintana Roo triathlon bikes. It has been sent to London to have a facelift and to be transformed in to an all singing, all dancing triathlon bike. The main thing we are going to do to the bike is give it a lick of paint. The old frame is looking a little bit dated now so we decided to give it a freshen up. Colours for the frame are going to be bright green, red and blue. We are fitting a new set of Triathlon Aero Bars and Brakes as well. The HED Rear Wheel is going to be transformed but we are not quite sure how yet. This page will be dedicated to the photo diary of the bike so the progress can be tracked. The Bike will hopefully be ready in 6-8 weeks just in time for the Darwen Triathlon in June.

Old Quintana Roo Triathlon Bike

The Bike above is in its original condition. We will post regular updates to show the progress of the bike.

Bike all parceled upThe Quintana Roo is all wrapped up and ready to start its journey to London. See you in 6 weeks.

The picture below is what we are aiming to make the bike look like. This week we sent down new Aero bars, Carbon Brakes and a San Marco Racing seat. Can’t wait to see it completed. Photos will be uploaded shortly of the frame being sprayed.

Triathlon Bike

Below you will find some pictures of the actual bike finished in London ready to be posted back to us.

Looks amazing!!IMAG1011 IMAG1010 IMAG1013

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