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Great Tips for Halloween Photos

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Getting pictures of kids and grown ups alike can be difficult, even on the magical night of Halloween, correction especially on the magical night of Halloween. Not only are a lot of people hiding behind their masks and costumes but there’s a lot of movement and a hustle of activity abounding all night long. Capturing good photos will be difficult but not impossible. Here’s a few tips to help you along the way.

1.    Get a Head Start on The Action
One of the best ways to make sure that you get a good group or family photo is to do just that. Get the whole group together, in the house, on the sidewalk in front, or on the front porch. Before the party starts or before anyone leaves to go trick or treating having everyone get together for a picture perfect group portrait. This way you’ll be ahead of the action before the chaos begins.

2.    Use a Flash or Find Good Lighting
One of the most frustrating things snapping photos on this unholy night, is having your photography overshadow by the darkness that falls to obstruct your view. Since it’s night time make sure you have a camera (or camera phone) that produces a good flash. If flash isn’t available to you, you can also bring flash lights, or wait until you come to a well lit area, such as an extravagantly decorated and well lit porch.

3.    Find Creative Ways to Make Photo Ops
When there’s a lot of movement, activity, and distractions abounding on a night like Halloween it’s hard to get people to sit still. Find fun and creative reasons to encourage people to stop for a photo that will retain the fun and positive atmosphere. For example you might try hosting a costume contest, which requires participants to pose for a photo to be considered for a prize, or maybe finding fun coincidental (or intended) themes in people’s costumes, such as couples, vampires vs. werewolves, etc.

4.    Encourage Poses
Make your photos fun and creative, as well as group-friendly by encouraging everyone to strike funny or spooky poses. These can be based on their costumes (like a zombie with outstretched hands) or just be for the fun of acting silly.

halloween face paint ideas

5.    Snap As Many Pictures as You Can
In the world of digital photography it’s no longer required to have a perfect eye for photography. Sometimes more is better. Take as many pictures as you can, and even multiples of the same precious moments. That way when they’re uploaded you can choose the best ones to save and be edited, with plenty of options to pick from.

6.    Remember That This is A Night of Fun
Finally, remember that Halloween isn’t just a night for fear and candy, but a time for fun with friends and family. Don’t feel too much pressure to take the perfect pictures to the point where you miss what’s going on around you. Have fun, laugh, smile, and enjoy yourself above all else, and the moments will make themselves before your camera.

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