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Great Tips for Your Autumn Photography this Year

autumn leaf photographyThis is arguably one of the more beautiful seasons of the year. The hustle and bustle and the heat of summer is surrendering to the cool and quiet serenity of the autumn season. It’s a time when things quiet down, the wind and rains pick up, and of course the leaves are changing color. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture some rare beauty on your camera . Getting good pictures in this dark and dreary climate, can be difficult,however, but employing some of the right tips can help along the way. Here are some tips…

1.    Look for The Perfect Day

Timing your photos right can be difficult all year round but this is especially true in the fall. This transitional season from hot into cold brings about a great change, but in this process it begins with many little and subtle changes throughout the season. Because of this every day in autumn could turn out to be different. There may be a short windows where the colors are just right, when the yellows and the reds are still bright for the capture. Look for these days, and make sure you have a camera on hand at all times in case the time is right.

2.    Get the Lighting Right

You’ll have to make sure, especially in this season, that the lighting is sufficient for the pictures you want to take. This includes using a flash as needed, looking for bright and sunny days if any are to be found, and even adjusting the lighting levels during the editing process if your savvy enough. Lighting is everything.

autumn photos

3.    Adjust Shutter Speed With the elements

If you’re taking pictures on a windy day it will help to switch to a quicker shutter speed. This literally means that the photo it being taken faster from the time you take your shot to the time the photo is finished capturing. You will need this so that you’re camera’s speed can catch up to the rustling leaves and other shifting surprises on the field.

4.    Avoid Distractions, Don’t be Afraid to Zoom or Crop

Though not all, a great deal of fall photography is about focusing in on things. Try to take your photos in areas that don’t have a lot of distractions and visual noise. If you do have a big field don’t be afraid to zoom in to gain focus on your target, or even crop out unnecessary background if you’re planning to edit later on.

5.    Take A Lot Of Walks With Your Camera Ready

Fall is a time of year when many changes are taking place. The world around us is transitioning from one stage to another. Throughout this time of movement and change, many opportunities will present themselves for rare beauty and powerful photography. It helps partly to always be ready when mother nature presents us with golden opportunities, but equally important is to search opportunities out. Take what I like to call “photography walks” where the goal is hunt down great photo opportunities. In addition to a lot of great pictures and stories to tell, you’ll also be improving your health and over all quality of life, as well as a rich photo album.

autumn river

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