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10 Amazing Optical Illusion Photos

10 Amazing Optical Illusion Photos

Photography captures moments in time and saves them for eternity. However, photography can also be used to trick the human eye, leaving one to wonder what they’re really seeing. Not many can master the art of optical illusion photography, but those who do create powerful images that cause us to question what we see. Taking these photos take a variety of things, including the perfect timing and an eye to see beyond the subject. Here are a few amazing optical illusion photos that will leave you questioning what you’re seeing:

  1. Fish Eyes


The fact that this woman is holding two fishes in the same position as her own eyes tricks you into thinking that those are indeed her own eyes at first glance. But as your eyes adjust, you notice that they belong to the two fishes she’s holding.


  1. Bombs Away


It’s all about perspective in this photo, which makes it seem as if this giant soldier is eating his fellow army men as they jump out of the plane. But in reality, it’s just great timing!


  1. Leaning Tower of Pisa


This woman seems as if she’s resting her feet on the iconic leaning Tower of Pisa, when she’s really just taking the photo at the right angle to make it seem as if she’s really doing it.


  1. Chalk It Up


There are many street artists in the world that can create vivid images with sidewalk paint/chalk that make it seem as if the painting is really popping out in front of you.


  1. Rainy Shoes


This photo makes it seem as if the shadows are actually wearing shoes.


  1. Eating Giant


Forced perspective makes it seem as if this guy is going to chomp on this girl, who is really just standing quite a bit away.


  1. Up The Stairs


This woman looks as if she’s ready to climb the painted steps on the wall.


  1. Floating


The flag’s shadow makes it seem as if this woman is floating on a piece of wood in the sand.


  1. Lying In The Sky


Are these two guys lying in the sky or is it just a trick?


  1. Profile


Are we looking at this guy’s profile or half of his face?

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