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4 Perfect Photo Apps With Amazing Filters

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture amazing photos anymore thanks to your smartphone. With an upgraded camera and loads of photo apps, you can easily snap intriguing photos without having to learn complicated photo editing programs like Photoshop or have to have an expensive DSLR camera on hand. Your smartphone’s camera is capable of extraordinary images and you just need to find the perfect photo app that offers you a variety of filters to choose from. Read on to find out what photo apps are worth a download:

  1. Camera+



Adored by users, Camera+ is one of the top choices when it comes to photo apps on your phone. If you want more creative control than what your regular camera phone offers, then this app will allow you to take your smartphone photography to new heights. It’s both a camera and a photo editor, with tons of advanced features that allow you to create photo masterpieces. And you can easily import your existing photos into the app so that you can edit them to be stunning images that will go viral on social media. You can edit by subject (portrait, food, night, beach, scenery, concert, etc.) or become your own photo-editing wizard with “The Lab” and its many filters. Sepia is a beloved filter on this app and gives a warmer tone to the photo for a vintage look.


  1. PicLab HD


If you love to create unique typographic images, then PicLab HD is what you’ll need to download. You can create inspiring images that are personal or trendy and use loads of retro filters that come with the app. You can snap a photo or grab one from your phone’s photo library and then come up with unique images with inspiring quotes on top. You’ll love the film and lighting effects so that you can easily spruce up your photos. You can even install your own fonts and use the app’s 3D eraser and blended tools for even more unique designs you’ll love to share on social media.


  1. VSCO Cam


You’ve probably seen the #VSCO hashtag on many pictures on social media and wondered what that meant. Well, it refers to the amazing VSCO Cam photo app that many use on a daily basis. The app allows you to create stunning images and connect with other amazing photographers from across the globe. You can either take a photo from the app or import a photo from your library and edit it to your heart’s content. It’s loaded with lots of performance features and its filters don’t really have names, but instead go by a letter and number. You’ll have to play around with the app to get to know each of the filters, but once you do, you’ll find a beloved one you’ll always want to use.


  1. Fotor


As a flexible editing app, you can easily pick up the tricks to produce quality results since it’s easy to use. The free app is versatile and lets you edit, share and collage images, as well as discover other great snaps by fellow users. All of its filters are under “Effects,” and you’ll love the many options the app provides, allowing you to really customize the look and feel of your photos.


And there you have it – some amazing apps to make any ordinary photos extraordinary!

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