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Silver canvas prints by Canvasdesign

It is official. Canvas Design have been successfully printing silver canvas prints for over a year now. This new product features Black and White Photographic printing on to quality metallic canvas rolls and we have been marketing the product as “Silver Canvas Prints”.

Silver Canvas Prints
Canvas Design has brought in together some of the best black and white photographic printing experts in order to offer such a super service of this type. We offer a wide range of black and white photographic silver printing services from traditional hard copy photos to digital photography.

If we have to scan in your original photo, this is no problem. We will use our A3 flatbed Epson scanner to scan in the photo to retain the most detail possible.  If you have a digital photograph for us to use, this speeds up the process as no pre scanning is required to make the photo in to a silver canvas print. Professional techniques such as cropping, burning and dodging of the image will ensure that the prints are delivered to our customers are of the highest quality.

silver printing on canvas
Canvas Design are now using one of the best metallic canvasses in the name of Silverada. This is a silver metallic canvas mainly intended for fine art that is built from a blend of metallic, silver and pearly surface finishes. Silverada has a high dmax, wide colour gamut with a very good resolution. In terms of compatibility to printers, Silverada is compatible with most dye and aqueous pigmented inks and most specially, it works well with photo black inks. With matte black though, gloss differential may be experienced and will tend to smudge or smear. In order to prevent this, putting in varnish using spray technique will prevent smearing.

breathing color silverada metallic canvas

Silverada’s use at its best is should be used in black and white printing as its texture is more emphasized. It is also nice to be used in HDR images as these images will stand out from this canvas. It also has an outstanding colour gamut and dmax which will make the images pop out differently compared to any ordinary canvas print. It will not crack or tear when being stretched in which is important when it comes to varnish application.

canvas photos printed on silver canvas

Image selection for silver canvas prints

As always with all digitally printed images, the type of image that you choose to have printed is always crucial. It is especially critical with silver canvas. The photos when printed do have a shine to them so if you are placing your canvas in an area of high light, you are going to get a lot of reflection from the canvas and that will interfere with the overall look of the print.

When you are trying to show off a new media that you are launching it is always hard to show it off at its best in the photos that you take. In our opinion, the silver canvas works at its best when black and white photos are printed on to it. It also works well when the silver media isn’t totally covered by the photo.

silverada canvas does not crack


In a fold test with inks printed on to the silver canvas, there was no visible cracking on the edge of the material.

We are very exited about our new media and product, silver canvas prints. If you would like to talk with us some more about getting your designs or photos printed on to silver canvas, please email us or call us on 01254 790102.

All in all, Canvas Design has increased its potency in providing photographic materials and services that is at par with an already reputable service it provides to its customers.

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Silver Canvas Prints
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