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Pet Photos on Canvas by Canvasdesign

Pet Photos on Canvas make great gifts for someone special this Christmas time. At Canvasdesign, we print hundreds of Pet Photos on Canvas. Some are from photo shoots of their current pets, but a lot of the Canvas Prints we do are of cherished pets that have sadly passed away.Pet Photos on Canvas

What is it that comes to your mind when I say “animal art?” I am sure it is a Cheetah or Leopard print that just popped into your mind. For most of us animals have become an integral part of our homes, haven’t they? Most of us have pet animals at home that are at times given more love than the other family members.

Animal Art at a Glance

Animal Art, quite literally means drawings, paintings, patterns, and designs of animals. People with artistic temperaments always tend to choose art that emphasizes nature. It is refreshing to look at a realistic painting of an adorable dog in your hall or above your fireplace as a feature wall. But simply transferring a photo of your pet on to a canvas print is probably the easiest and best ways to make a unique piece of animal art.

Pet photos on canvas – Do You Own One?

How many of you think your pet is part of the family? Every person who owns a pet feels this way, right? You have a family picture? Then you ought to have a pet picture! You share hundreds of candid moments with your pets each day. Framing them looks like an ideal thought. Pet pictures in your house remind you of the bond you share with them or sometimes “shared” with them.

A Genre in Itself

Animal art is a genre that many artists specialize in. In fact, there is a bunch of American artists who have formed a congress of animal artists and have named the group, Society of Animal Artists. They organize exhibitions and conduct seminars that talk about this art form. Abstract painting is one of the most used styles that animal artists use.

Animal prints that the fashion world uses in fabrics and accessories are major variants of animal art. Each one us owns at least one t-shirt or a leg-in or for that matter a wallet that has an animal print on it. A Leopard or Zebra pattern is most commonly used to give a wild look to a person wearing that sort of print.

Art Comes in Various Sizes

Be it animal art or pictures of your own pets, having them hung up in a frame is a really effective way to bring a loving feel to your home. Get them painted, or get them printed. Cotton canvas prints always produce the best results for these kind of images. Below is an example of a custom cat canvas artwork we have recently completed.

custom cat canvas print


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