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Pet canvas portraits

You probably already know how amazing canvas prints are! Not only do they allow you to decorate your space with precious memories, but they also make great gifts and provide thousands of smiles for those who get to look upon such special memories day in and day out. You probably even have a few canvas prints in your home or office of special memories that feature your family, parents, spouse, friends or a special moment in your life, but do you have some celebrating your furry family member? Pet canvas portraits are the latest craze to hit the London high streets and consumers are buying cushions, pillows and even mugs with their favourite pooch on. If you’ve yet to show off your fur baby, here are a few reasons why you need to celebrate your pet with a canvas print:

  1. Commemorates a lost pet

Pet canvas portraits

Like humans, pets become a family member the minute they are introduced to your brood. And like humans, they make an impact in your life no matter how long they are around for. But pets don’t last forever and we’ve also had to experience losing a beloved pet. To commemorate their memory, pet canvas portraits of a lost pet will make sure that they’re never forgotten and are still with the family – if only through a beautiful canvas print.

  1. Proud fur parent

cat owners

These days, pets are cherished just as much as children and many make sure they spoil their pets as if they were their children. This means pampering their pets with all sorts of treats and goodies, dressing them up and taking them everywhere with them. To display how proud they are to be a fur parent, pet canvas portraits of their fur babies is the best way to show the world how much your pet means to you! There are lots of photographers available now that specialise in photographing your pets. If this is something you are interested in, get the photoshoot done with the photographer and then buy pet canvas portraits from us here at Canvasdesign. We work with lots of UK photographers and we will help you to get the right size file so you get the best result from your Pet canvas portrait.

  1. Part of the family

family pets baby photography

Just as you’d display photos of your kids, family and friends, you should also display pictures of your pets. After all, they are part of the family and help make it complete. Showcasing your love for your family on a canvas print not only brightens any space, but makes it that much more special. Add in a canvas print of your favorite pet (or pets) and your space is complete!

And the best thing about a canvas print is that you can easily showcase family pictures that include your pets in them so that the whole family is depicted in your space!

If you have a few photos of your favourite pet and are struggling to make a decision on which one to purchase, why not go for a photo montage. We can put 20-30 photos on one canvas in various designs and layouts.  Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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Pet canvas portraits
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