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Why choose Canvasdesign for Canvas Printing

Canvasdesign have been in the Canvas Printing industry since 2004 and there are many reasons why you should choose us to manufacture your canvas prints. We have created a quick infographic showing what makes us different from all the other canvas printing companies on the internet today.

canvas printing

Why canvas printing though ??

Most of us have blank boring walls that we always think of decorating lavishly but can’t because of a lack of ideas. You know those awesome photographs you took last vacation that everyone praised? Why not print them on a stretch canvas and use it as a wall décor? This will add to the personal touch and also provide an opportunity to showcase your creative side. If you are not a photographer, you can always use stunning images available on the internet to bring new life to your walls.

Canvas printing is a way of printing pictures onto a canvas and then stretched or gallery wrapped onto a frame and then displayed. It is usually cheaper than framed artwork as no glazing is required and the frame is usually not visible so need not be treated or varnished. Canvas sizes also vary according to the picture in question and also on taste. While most people opt for a large canvas prints, some prefer the tiled effect where a single image is spread over a number of canvases. This unique look is certain to make a positive impression on any wall and in any building. There are so many ideas on what could be printed on a canvas, from personal photographs to stock photos or even illustrations or paintings. Canvas printing really is the most customizable wall décor at the lowest cost.

Canvas photo Printing Ideas


  • Places: Landscapes are an obvious choice for wall décor. If any location is close to your heart like the place of your honeymoon or the first sunset you experienced with your loved one, you can immortalise that on your wall. With the combined quality of modern photography and the latest digital imaging technology available, you can transform any location into a piece of art and hang it on your wall for everyone else to see.


  • People: Are you skilled in portrait photography or portrait paintings? Then you can use canvas printing to showcase your talent on the wall. You can funk it all up a bit by converting a family photograph or self-portrait into a modern looking pop art image.


  • Abstract: Both abstract art and photography are coveted for wall decorations. They are one of the best ways to show off one’s creativity. You can also use 3D effect on your images to give them a unique look.


These are some of the ideas for using canvas prints to decorate your walls.

The main thing to consider is that the photos and artwork you choose must match your personality and also your home décor. Photos need to be high enough resolution to get the best results from our canvas printing services.

If you are in any doubt about the quality of your original photo, please send it to us and we will get it looked at by our design studio and will let you know if the quality is good enough.


benefits of canvas printing




Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Epson Pro Stylus 9800 Printer

When you’re business owner, you have to have the tools of the trade to provide excellent service to your consumer. And that’s exactly what we do for every customer who orders prints from us! To help us service such orders, we use the Epson Pro Stylus 9800 Printer, which was made for heavy-duty jobs of large scales.

epson 9800 canvas printers

This printing machine is like the ultimate printing in the industry and is so large, it sort of resembles some kind of knitting machine. But in fact, it’s the best tool you can use to print quality prints and that’s exactly what we strive to achieve with each order that comes our way. And since giclee art and giclee printmaking are the latest trends in printing right now, this printer handles it like a pro (probably why it has “Pro” in its name!).

In case you’re not familiar with giclee art, it’s basically reproducing an exact replica of an art piece in any kind of material like canvas or paper using a high-end, high-tech inkjet printer. So if you admire a number of paintings, you can easily have one in your home without having to pay the high price tag for the original! Nothing’s wrong with a replica, especially if it’s an exact replica of the painting you admire! This is why such a high-tech printer is handy these days…after all, not everyone can afford to have their favorite Van Gogh piece hanging in their space.

The Epson Pro Stylus 9800 Printer is pretty amazing when you stop to admire all that it can do. It not only prints an impressive copy of the original painting at a fraction of the cost of what it would be to actually own the original. And the copy is so good that you might even think it’s the real thing!

This is why we use the best tool in the trade for printing and opt for the Epson Pro Stylus 9800 Printer.

But why doesn’t just any regular inkjet printer work for this scope of work?

Well, for starters, the quality. It just won’t come out looking almost exactly like the original. It’ll have some off colors and might not be as vibrant as the actual painting itself, allowing others to notice the massive differences between the two. You won’t see any visible dot pattern on these reproductions whatsoever! Also, the end result won’t be a quality product that will last quite a while! When well taken care of, a reproduction produced by the Epson 9800 can last just as long as the original because one that’s done on canvas can stand the test of time!

And not just any old printer uses the specially formulated UltraChrome K3TM inks that are made especially for the Epson Pro, which are actually one of the most advanced inks in the industry today. It’s so high quality that it’s resistant against UV light! On average, a replica giclee art reproduction created by the Epson Pro Stylus 9800 can last up to 30 years, with tests proven that it can actually be 75 years before it’ll start to lose any of its tonality.

So when looking for quality reproductions of your favorite paintings/art work, make sure you go with someone who uses an Epson Pro Stylus 9800 printer if you want something that looks just as good as the original!




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