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Want to know more about your favorite canvasdesign website? Sure you do…after all, we’re highly rated in the UK and known for our exceptional prints, stellar prices and amazing customer service, which is why we are one of the top canvas print websites in the country. Creating memories will always be important and that’s where we come in. Canvasdesign can help you with all your keepsakes, no matter what the occasion is! From wedding photos to graduation shots, pictures of your children and pets, we are here to help you display them in a fashionable manner. Printing pictures is one thing, but printing photo canvases is an entirely new thing that’s become super popular over the years.

About Canvasdesign UK

These canvases are like pieces of genuine art that will make any space beautiful and welcoming. And we don’t just print photos of your favorite memories. We can also provide you with photo canvas replicas of just about any photo or artwork you want! Yup, that means replicas of your favorite masterpiece of art or even a giant canvas of your favorite sports star or celebrity crush. What you want to print is totally up to you – we just provide you with exceptional service, which is why we have raving reviews online and have thousands upon thousands of repeat customers coming back to us for all their printing needs.

To provide our customers with a better insight of who we are and what we do, we’ve decided to create a comprehensive guide to everything there is to know about us! Read on for the 411 on CanvasDesign UK…

Family Owned and Operated

One of the things that make our company so great is that we really value family. Not only are we a family-owned company, but we ourselves know the importance of making and sharing memories, which is why we hold so much value in our quality of photo canvases. The company was founded by Conrad McKee who has more than 20 years of experience within the printing industry.

fathers day montage

Canvasdesign have been in business since 2004, when digital prints were just becoming popular and since our inception, we’ve always been passionate about providing customers with only the very best canvas prints in the industry! We understand that customers display these canvases with pride and admiration, which is why we go out of our way to ensure that each order features our mission for quality.

Since Canvasdesign began our highly regarded company, we’ve created prints for millions of customers across the UK and even beyond, thanks to our exceptional reputation for being the best in the industry! This is why we have so many repeat customers because they know our awesome work provides quality canvas prints, allowing them to trust in our service and products.

Buying from family-owned business means you get that extra attention to detail and one-on-one service that can’t be beaten! We are not part of some larger corporation, were customers are only thought of as profits. We get to set the rules based on what we value, allowing customers to get fair pricing and better service than when buying from some large companies. We get to control the entire manufacturing process, so we get the final say so on everything! We have long-standing relationships with all of our suppliers and because of that, we make sure we get the best possible price on our raw materials and then pass that saving on  to you!

And the fact that larger, well known companies use us for their photo canvas needs tells you a lot! We’ve earned the title as one of the UK’s top professional canvas printing companies around, having provided printing services to notable customers like DVB and BBC, while being featured on ITV’s “60 Minute Makeover.” So if these larger companies trust us for their canvas prints, then you can definitely trust us, too!

Nothing But The Best

We promise nothing but the best at CanvasDesignUK! We pride ourselves on being a quality canvas printing company, which is why we have nothing but positive reviews from our thousands of customers. When you buy from us, we make sure that we provide only the very best in materials to secure the very best products like solid pine bars and a 300gsm canvas – one of the best in the industry! And we use only original Epson branded ink. This ink is the best in the industry and is one of the reasons why we provide such superior quality canvases and prints!

How to hang your canvas video

But not only do we use the best, but we also try to use eco-friendly products as much as possible! We only offer Pine Stretcher Bars that we buy from suppliers who invest the time and effort in renewable resources. Our mission is to continue to find more suppliers who are eco-friendly so that we can preserve our beautiful planet while providing customers with beautiful canvas prints!

So even though we have the best pricing around (see below), we don’t sacrifice quality! We don’t skimp when it comes to creating your canvas prints and make sure to use only the best of the best.  Plus, we take it a step further and offer a free hanging kit that makes attaching the canvas to the wall super easy!

Reasonable Pricing

We understand that life is expensive, which is why we have always valued our amazing customers. We don’t think your canvas prints should cost an arm and leg, which is why we have priced our items very competitively. Quite honestly, we provide the best canvas deals on the web for such premium quality custom canvas prints! And if you find a better price somewhere else for the same type of canvas, we will match it! Now how many canvas print companies can you say does that? Not many we bet! And on top of our already low pricing, we are always running special discounts and offers so that you can save even more! Our quality is what brings in new customers, but it’s our pricing that makes them repeat customers.                         

canvasdesign pricing

Local and Community Oriented

We are very proud to say that we are based in Darwen, Lancashire, which is in the heart of the UKs manufacturing capital where Paint, Wallpaper and Perspex have been produced for centuries. We are a grass roots business and what we’ve built over the years perfectly reflects everything that our small historical printing community is all about! And we care about our community and its residents, employing those who are from the local town of Darwen.

We take care of our own and that’s seen through how we treat all of our wonderful employees, who we cherish and appreciate. Without them, we wouldn’t be such a successful business and their love for the job shows through their exceptional customer service and attention to detail with every order we get! We also try to work with as many community-oriented companies as we can, finding the very best UK-based companies to support.

What We Offer

By now, you obviously know that we offer canvas prints, but we also have a wide selection of printed products, making us your one-stop-shop for all your canvas needs! We have Lite Canvases, which feature a thinner, more narrow frame that fits closer to your wall, which is why many like these over classic canvas prints that stands off the wall.

breathing color silverada metallic canvas

Our Silver Canvas prints provides printing on quality metallic canvases. It’s one of our newer options and is mainly intended for fine art.

Silver Canvas Prints

The canvas is made from a blend of metallic, silver and pearly surface finishes, creating a very sophisticated look. Many use it for their black and white printing needs since its texture is better emphasized when printed. But it also works well with HDR photos since these types will greatly stand out when placed on a giant canvas. And if you are simply looking for quality printed photos on a roll we offer that, too! You supply the image and we print it on a rolled canvas, making it ideal for self-framing.

For those who want a more creative photo canvas Canvasdesign have various montage offerings! A montage of photos is perfect for showcasing a collection of photos at once and makes the best gift for any occasion. Simply choose all the photos you want to include and we’re create your photo montage on canvas prints. You can display your school photos by year, your child’s yearly birthday, all your anniversaries and so much more!

canvas photos printed on silver canvas

You can choose from a number of different collage options, so you get to personalize it however you want. We also offer the ability to add text to your collages so that you can include a special message to display next to your photos. You can choose an inspirational quote or send a custom message if you’re giving the collage as a gift. Our love heart collage is also a unique way to show your love, making it a great wedding or Valentine’s Day gift. But the best part about our collage offerings is the fact that you can customize it anyway you want!

Love Heart Montage

Another one of our popular offerings are poster prints that you can frame yourself, as well as picture greeting cards for moments when you want to express your love, appreciation, thankfulness or simply announce something with your own pictures and words. Sometimes regular greeting cards you buy at a store don’t really capture the essence of what you want to say or how you feel, which is why our custom greeting cards are available. You can create as many different greeting cards as you please, use the same picture, different pictures and own words, making them great for when you want to really personalize any occasion.

And one of our newest offerings by us here at Canvasdesign is custom phone photo cases! We all know we love our phones and protecting them is key to avoid damage, so why not do that with a photo you love! Our fantastic range of mobile phone cases allows you to personalize the case with a picture of your choosing. It can be of your beloved pet, your children, significant other or of anything you please! Our phone cases are finished in a hard white plastic and are scratch proof, allowing you to protect your mobile phone in style! We offer cases for iPhones and Androids, so you can cover your phone with a case that is special and dear to your heart.

samsung s6 photo phone case

Trade Canvas Printing

Not only do we deal with thousands of customers on a daily basis, but we also offer trade canvas printing for business. If you need a large canvas print order or want to order in bulk for your business, simply give us a ring to help you with your order! Canvasdesign can  provide your business with a drop ship service that’s brand free with no logos or any risk of your clients knowing where your canvas prints are made. And we can send the orders directly to your own customers from our facility, but they’ll still be convinced that the order was provided and made by your own company!

We currently work with several large canvas companies since we launched this service and continue to get more each year. And we handle each job differently, which means you get your order serviced regardless if you want only 10 prints or less or want more than a hundred. And no matter the amount, we will complete your bulk orders in a few hours to a few days depending on what you need.

large canvas prints

So there you have it…a comprehensive overview of what CanvasDesign UK is and does! You can also check out the site to find out more about us and our services and drop us an email or give us a call if you have a specific question not answered in our FAQ section on the website! And don’t forget to follow canvasdesign on our various social media channels for discounts, updates and specials we offer throughout the year.

If you want to know more About Canvasdesign or would like to talk to us, please get in touch today.

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