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Wallpaper: The Other Decorating Option

With all the options out there to decorate a home, one viable and creative idea that is sometimes overlooked is wallpaper. Covering a wall in your living room or bed room with a modern, hip and contemporary design or custom canvas prints is a great way to achieve a unique look that helps to create the ultimate dwelling space for your particular style.Floral wallpaper pattern

Finding its roots as far back as the Egyptian and Roman times of wall painting, the art of using fabric to adorn the walls of homes can be traced back to the mid 1400’s. Considered to be a cheap substitute for tapestry and paneling and relegated by the higher ups in society for “ordinary people,” the acceptance of wallpaper really came about in 1600s France.

From that time on, its popularity grew and everyone from common folk to the aristocrats sought out ways to incorporate the decorating trend into their homes. Once it crossed the seas, making its way to the United States, it was only a matter of time before homes all over the country had some kind of decorative paper on its walls. While the craze of putting beautifully and specially designed paper on the walls of your home was seen throughout the early decades of the twenty century, it really gained widespread popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Floral wallpaper design

In the spirits of love and freedom, people saw wallpaper as a way to express themselves and often times used groovy prints of the day for their designing needs. From vintage floral patterns to funky psychedelic themes, the revival of wallpaper in the 1970’s helped to forever solidify the decorating choice in the minds of interior designers since.

WallcoveringsToday, wallpaper is an excellent accent for any room in your house. It comes in the most updated and contemporary designs which allows for unlimited options of how to take advantage of the decorating trend. While in the past, a whole room might be decorated with wallpaper, the common practice today is to cover one wall with a statement print that brings out the essence of your dwelling and helps to pull the whole space together.

custom canvas prints Coupled with the right paint color, wallpaper can take any room from nice to chic. If you have never considered it, you owe it to yourself to look into how you can bring your area to life with wallpaper.

If you are on a tighter budget and cannot afford custom wallpaper, why not opt for custom canvas prints. They are far cheaper than wallpaper and much easier to put up on the walls. The other great advantage of custom canvas prints is that they are not a permanent fixing. They can be changed quickly and to suit the current decor of your home.

Canvasdesign have been manufacturing custom canvas prints  since 2004 and our reputation speaks for itself. We source all our products from with in the United Kingdom and all our products are manufactured in the area of Darwen, Lancashire.

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