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Football Canvas Prints

Football is more than just an international sport – it’s a game that unifies the world! Football, or as the Americans call it “soccer,” is the No. 1 sport in the world, bringing in millions of views each year with its numerous leagues. The World Cup is one of the most watched sports competitions on Earth next to the Olympics, which just further solidifies the fact that it’s the best sport on the planet! Football canvas prints are also becoming more sought after but here are some other reasons, why football is the best sport ever!

football canvas prints

  1. It has simple rules

Other sports have complicated rules, meaning an outsider wouldn’t be able to really grasp how the game is played the first time they watch it. Sure, there are some details that need some knowledge, like corner kicks, offsides and red card versus yellow card rules, but in general, a newbie can understand that you get the ball into the net without using your hands.


  1. Not a lot of equipment is needed

For poor countries around the globe, soccer is the best since all you need is a ball and some sort of goal. And it doesn’t even need to be actual goal posts…just some guides as to where the goal would be will suffice, making the sport accessible to everyone no matter their economic background. Even shoes, while are nice to play with, aren’t a necessity! This is probably why it’s a huge sport in every country on Earth!


  1. You can play whenever, wherever

Football is a sport that you can literally play whenever you want! As long as you have a ball, the fact that you don’t need any other equipment allows you to play an impromptu game just about anytime and anywhere you see fit. A quick match is always a good idea with your best mates around!


  1. Your size as a player doesn’t matter

There are certain sports where a player’s size matters, but that’s not the case in football. What really matters in the sport is speed and agility. Even the sport’s best players are tiny on average, allowing kids of all sizes to be inspired to be professional players no matter their size!

kes football match

  1. There’s never an off season in football

Football never really has an offseason. Sure, there’s league season, but then there is also league cup, cup championship, international games and more – all going on at once, allowing you to enjoy the sport all year round. It’s quite literally the sport that doesn’t end, allowing fans and players a chance to partake in their favorite thing all the time if they want!


There are so many reasons why football is so great, but to commemorate your love of the game, why not get football canvas prints made of your favorite players, team or stadium! These English football canvas prints not only make for great gifts for all your best mates, but they also show off your pride for the sport! The best thing about these football canvas prints is the fact that you can choose from a vast array of sizes to fit your needs and can customize them even more by adding quotes or inspirational sayings to them. So whatever your favorite team or league is, canvas prints of your favorite players, teams or the sport overall will allow you to show off how much you appreciate the best sport on Earth! And just for the record, English premier league football canvas prints are a favorite because they’re the most popular league ever!

Four Ways To Display Your Pride For Your Favorite Football Team

If you’re a football fanatic, you most likely have a preference as to what football team you follow. From local teams to huge international football teams, we all root for our favorite teams differently. Some are bigger fans than others, showing off their fandom more than others. Those who simply favor a football team might just watch their games or even buy some of their jerseys and shirts to wear for support, while diehard fans will decorate their home in their favorite football team’s colors and follow them as they travel from football stadium to stadium playing games. So regardless if you root for the Premier League or Serie A League, here are some great ideas how to display your love for your preferred football team:

  1. Buy their jerseys

The easiest way to support your favorite football team and display how proud you are of them is to buy their jerseys and root from them on game day. Whether or not you are actually there at the game, every one will know that you’re a fan once they see you sporting their jersey. And the great thing about this is the fact that it takes little to no effort to do and you can easily wear the jersey whenever you want to display your pride for the football team.

manchester united sharp away kit

  1. Buy season tickets to games

If you’re an ultimate fan, you’ll most likely want to have bragging rights, which is why many fans opt to hold season tickets to their favorite football team’s games for the season. This way, you’ll never miss a game and you’ll be there front and center for all the action, rooting them on to victory. Sure, a ticket here and there doesn’t cost that much, but purchasing season tickets for your favorite football team takes dedication since they can be quite pricy. It’s definitely not a move for an occasional fan to make, which is why it’s a grand gesture to represent your love for a particular football team.

man united season tickets

  1. Get a tattoo of your favorite team

For those diehard fans that bleed their favorite team’s colors, a tattoo of their logo is the ultimate dedication tribute for the team. It’s a permanent way to show off how much you love the football team, showing everyone you love them no matter how many games they win or lose. A tattoo is marking your body forever, which is why it’s reserved only for diehard fans that live and breathe for that particular football team! And even though tattoo removal is an option, a true fan will never even consider it because they’ve sacrificed a piece of their body to show off their pride.

  1. Decorating your home with football décor

Those who aren’t as diehard as other fans can also opt to decorate their home with décor of their favorite football team. This can include pictures off their favorite players, a whole team picture or even a canvas print of their team’s stadium. Football canvas prints show off your appreciation for the team and can easily be used to decorate a room or a man cave to display how much you love a particular team. And you can choose the sizes of your soccer team canvas prints to customize your space, choosing large ones for statement pieces or smaller ones to accent your desk at work.

football canvas prints

While there are a dozen or more ways to display your love for your favorite team, a football canvas print is probably the easiest way to do it, and makes great gifts for other football fans that you know!


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