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Restored old Photos on Canvas

Many think that you can only transfer digital photos to large canvas prints. However, you can easily create a canvas using any picture you have – no matter how old it is! This means you can easily create beautiful canvas prints using very old photos that would have otherwise been stuck in a family album or away in a box in the attic. Canvasdesign specialise in transferring your old Photos on to canvas prints and we have been offering this service to our customers since 2004. Memories go back decades, even centuries, and not everything is digital, which is why we want to help you transform older pictures into canvas prints so that you can easily display valuable family memories in your home or office.

old Photos on to canvas prints

And the best part is that you don’t have to do any of the work! All you have to do is send us your photo or artwork and we’ll do the rest. We can scan the photo into its digital form and then transfer it to a vibrant and gorgeous canvas print to display anywhere you’d like. And you can even enhance the quality of the older photo by opting for certain filters. You can also add text to the canvas so that you can further personalize it for your needs and style.

When we scan the photos, we will provide a higher reproduction than the photo print, so that it’s comes out clean and crisp, but none of the detail on the film will be lost. Any surface scratches and dust will be digitally removed and your old image will be enhanced for print. We’ll restore color, increase its contrast and sharpness and remove any defects.

Canvas prints of old photos make great gifts for any occasion, especially for parents who aren’t in touch with the digital age. These older photos will bring up fond memories and will allow them to display some of their best photos that would have otherwise been kept in an aging album.

So instead of allowing your old photos to sit in an album that no one will look at, instead let us transfer them into beautiful photo canvas art pieces!

Do you have an old photograph that you would love to have made in to a canvas print? Are you looking for a canvas printing company that can take your photo, scan it in and then frame it on to a canvas print? Look no further….  At Canvasdesign this is a service that we have been offering our customers for years now. Old photo restoration, scanning and repairing photos is something that we specialise in.

Most Canvas Printing companies on the internet today are only interested in taking digital jpeg images and making them in to canvas prints. The reason is that scanning old photos and then transferring them on to canvas is a lengthy process and the photo restoration process can be quite tricky. It is not just a simple quick scan and print scenario. Most old photos have some sort of blemishes on them and these need to be worked on in the studio. These can take hours to rectify.  Below we have outlined a typical workflow of restoring your old photo on to canvas.

Old Photos on to canvas prints – The process is very simple.

1. Place the order on our website and print out the order to send with the original photo.

2. Send your photo to us with your size requirements and the Paypal receipt.(Please send recorded Delivery and Include your name, address and telephone number)

3. We will scan and repair the photograph, print and frame it and prepare it for shipping back to you.

4. On the day we are shipping the canvas print and your original photo back to you, we will email and text you to notify you that your canvas is on its way safely back to you.

It really is this simple. Below you will see a photo we restored and printed on to a panoramic print.  It took nearly 3 days to do properly but the results speak for themselves.

Restored old photos on canvas

A Good example of old Photos on to canvas prints

Below you will see a very good example of a restored old photo. The original had extensive damage to it and was severely cracked.


All the cracks have been edited away and the new photo on the left is as good as the day it was taken.

Another good example is the photo below. Unfortunately I do not have the original. The photo was taken some time in 1950 in Glasgow and the person in the photo is my Dad. I personally restored this photo and I can tell you I spent hours on it.



As you can see, the results we achieve from this service are fantastic.

Old Photos on to canvas prints make fantastic gifts at any time of the year. Give them as birthday gifts, Christmas presents or maybe you have an old wedding photo that you want making in to canvas. Whatevever the occasion, we will take your old photo, scan it and reproduce it on canvas and make it look as good, if not better than the day it was taken.

If you have any questions about restored old photos on canvas, please call us on 01254 790102.

Restored old photos on to canvas prints by CanvasDesign. We will scan, print your old photo and send it back to you on a beautiful canvas print frame from as little as £4.99.

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