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Peaky Blinders Canvas

Peaky Blinders Canvas – The Low Down On Your Favorite Show

You know that feeling when you have a favorite show and you just can’t wait until the day of the week it airs to catch up with your favorite characters? We know exactly what you’re feeling and for us, our favorite show is Peaky Blinders. It’s an addicting show that’s also become a British favorite! The genre is really an action crime drama, but it’s can also fall under historical fiction, and thriller, making it a bing-worthy show for anyone who loves period dramas with loads of action and thrill. It has us hooked and we seriously can’t wait for each week when a new episode is on, so we thought we’d provide you the low down on your new favorite show (that is if you don’t happen to already love it).

peaky blinders canvas print

“Peaky Blinders” is based on the Peaky Blinders gang, set in Birmingham, England, after World War 1. The show was created by Steven Knight and it’s produced by Caryn Mandabach Production and Tiger Aspect Productions. The main stars of the show include Cillian Murphy who plays Tommy Shelby, the leader of the Peaky Blinders gang, and Sam Neill as Chester Campbell, who is a detective on duty who is tasked with trying to get rid of the gang.


The show first caught everyone’s attention when it aired on BBC Two back in September 2013 and only had six episodes that first season. Everyone was hooked and the second season came the following October. Fans had to wait quite a while for the third season since it premiered in May 2016. The fourth season aired back in November 2017, with the series finale showed on December 2017. Now, we have to wait for season five to air in 2019…an entire year from now! We don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves without our favorite show for another year, how about you?! Maybe a Peaky Blinders Canvas ??

tommy shelby

This piece is to provide fans and non-fans an overview of the show so that they are ready for the new season when it comes back in 2019!

For season one The gangster family drama is set in 1919, just after World War 1 and centers on the Peaky Blinders gang and their boss Tommy Shelby (who is played by Cillian Murphy). Obviously, the gang is up to know good and that leads them to get on the radar of Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell (played by Sam Neill), who is a detective in the Royal Irish Constabulary sent over to Birmingham by Winston Churchill from Belfast. He’s been sent to clean up the city of the Irish Republican Army (aka IRA), gangs, communists and common criminals. But Churchill also gave him orders to recover a stolen cache of arms that were supposed t to be shipped to Libya during his cleaning up of the city. Of course, guns were taken by Tommy and his gang, who thinks he can use them to his advantage. But Thomas is also dealing with family drama, with his brother disagreeing with him on fixing horse races, thinking it will cause trouble with Billy Kimber, who runs the races. Barmaid Grace is placed by Inspector Campbell to help find the guns and get to know the gang. Of course, Grace gets close to Tommy and they fall in love throughout the season, which conflicts with her job as an informant. When she falls in love with him, she tells Inspector Campbell that if she finds out about the guns, he needs to leave Thomas and his family alone. She lets him in on the location of where they are and resigns service to the crown. Then Inspector Campbell proposes marriage to her, which she declines. In the last episode, the Inspector learns that Grace has been with Thomas and a showdown goes down between the Peaky Blinders and Kimber’s men at the tracks. Tommy ends up killing Kimber and Grace tells Tommy to go with her to New York. Before the show ends, Grace is at the train station and Campbell confronts her with a gun, but only a gunshot is heard as the show ends.

Peaky Blinders Canvas Artwork

peaky blinders canvas art

Season two is set two whole years after the first season, this time around, the Shelby family expands their criminal activities to be in both South and North of London, while still having main operations in their hometown of Birmingham. The season begins in 1921 with a recap to show that Grace actually shot Inspector Campbell. She leaves him to lie in his own blood, but lives. He now goes back to Churchill to tell him how useful Tommy will be to them in the long run, rescuing him from getting beaten at Darby Sabini’s club in London. You already know there’s going to be drama between Tommy’s gang and Sabini’s thugs, which will climax later in the season.

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Meanwhile, tommy gets Irish handlers and finds out they are backed by the crown. They order a hit, but Tommy turns them down in episode four. In the same episode, Tommy calls Grace, who is living in London, but hangs up after hearing a man answer. In the next episode, Tommy finds his new empire in London falling and struggles to save his family and gang to regain the upper hand. He also finds out that Grace is in London with her husband to get treatments for infertility. In episode six, the final one for season two, Tommy tries to get his affairs in order just in case he meets an untimely death. He runs into Grace who tells him she’s with child and Tommy completes his mission for Campbell who is now a major in season two. But his men from Northern Ireland, who are members of the Ulster Volunteer Force, kidnap him.

In 2016, the third season airs and starts with the first episode that sees Tommy’s wedding to Grace in 1924. All the Shelby family has been invited, as well as Grace’s. This season follows Tommy and his family as they get involved with even more dangerous things, as they again look to expand the gang. But this time, instead of trying to take over local cities, he plans on expanding the gang internationally. It also teaches Tommy about the other big shots in the criminal world, especially those who are involved in governmental plots with geopolitical implications. Tommy and the gang move outside of their comfort zone to take a risk on expanding too fast and too much. In particular, Tommy and the gang meet other criminals in Russia and learn get tangled up in a plot with the USSR and other international relations that have an impact on Britain’s diplomatic relations with Russia. The last episode of the season sees Tommy’s son, Charlie, Kidnapped, with the last scene showing the Peaky Blinders and the Shelby family being taken away in handcuffs by the police.

Peaky Blinders

The last season was just last year, with season four starting out in 1925 as all of the jailed Peaky Blinders gang is possibly facing the gallows. But the entire thing was called off right at the minute as Tommy managed to blackmail a few people high up to stop it and even requested a knighthood! The villain for this season is Luca Changretta (from the Sicilian Mafia) who comes all the way from New York to stir things up for the gang. In the season finale, Tommy is victorious over Luca, after making a deal with his New York rival, Alphonse G. Capone, who ends up killing him in Birmingham. The season ends three months after as Tommy suffers a nervous breakdown, but soon gets back to work, leading the gang and ends up in Parliament!

So what will season five have in store for the Peaky Blinders? We just have to wait a while to find out! But we do know that Tommy now has pretty famous gangster friends in American and new political connections in the UK, so he’ll be up to new shenanigans very soon!

But until season five airs, we’re just have to sit around and come up with wild theories on what will happen to our favorite gangster.  Or you can show of your Peaky Blinders pride and get some Peaky Blinders canvas prints made of your favorite characters to use around your TV room as you prepare for the upcoming season! All you Peaky Blinders super fans will definitely want to show the world how much you love the show and the actors with various canvas prints that’ll get you through until season five airs. Or you can easily choose a variety of Peaky Blinders canvas illustrations from various artists and fans from across the world as they create their own depictions of your favorite show. With a nostalgic feel to them, many of these Peaky Blinders canvas photo prints are anything but cheesy fan art and will definitely make your space a conversation piece, as well as a great place to watch the next season with your best mates!

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Peaky Blinders Canvas
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Peaky Blinders Canvas
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