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Restaurant Canvas Prints

How To Spruce Up Your Eatery with Restaurant Canvas Prints

Your restaurant is more than a business. It is a place people call home because they love your food and the ambiance. They come back over and over again because of the great atmosphere you’ve created with your food, employees and overall décor of the restaurant, which all combine to create a welcoming ambiance. People come back to your restaurant again and again not just because of the food, but because of everything you’ve created, so, of course, you might be skeptical about changing around a few things in fear of ruining what you built.

However, sprucing up your restaurant’s ambiance will only make it better and help new customers find it as cozy and enticing as your regulars. And your trusted and true customers will appreciate the new look that brings new life into their favorite neighborhood spots.

Restaurant Canvas Prints

So how do you spruce up your restaurant’s ambiance without doing a total overhaul of the place and drastically changing it all? Simple, change the décor and look of the inside! Upgrading the décor can really enhance the place’s ambiance and the way customers perceive your restaurant. If it’s been a while since you’ve revamped the place, the new look will help get new faces in the door as the word of mouth about your food and décor will flourish!

Revamping the seats and tables will do wonders for the place, as customers who are used to seeing old, worn in pieces will be in awe of the new upgrades. And new customers will love the modern look and clean feeling of the new space. If your cash flow allows it, get all new pieces, but simply reupholstering old chairs and benches will do the trick, too!

Restaurant Furniture

To freshen up the place and give it a new look and feel, add in more greenery into the setting with fake plants to give it a natural, earthy feel. But the best way to really upgrade your restaurant’s new look is to add in new restaurant canvas prints! This has to be the easiest way to really change the look of your restaurant and probably the cheapest! By changing or adding artwork to the space’s walls, you’ll be able to give customers a sense of trendiness depending on the type of canvas prints you choose to display on your restaurant walls.

Of course, you don’t want to choose anything too bold or something that might offend and want to stick to prints that will continue your reputation as a delicious eatery with good taste. First, you’ll have to figure out what style of décor you want in the restaurant and the food you serve will definitely help you choose the style. If you do home style cooking, you might want French or country décor, while a pizza joint in the city might want something more modern like prints of the city.

pizza hut canvas prints

So depending on your menu, your décor will probably follow suit so that everything sort of matches. But really, it’s totally up to you as to the overall atmosphere you want to create for your customers. Here are a few ideas for restaurant canvas prints for diner:

  1. Local Artists: To show your sense of neighborhood pride, collaborate with local artists and ask to share their work with your customers. Customers will love how you’re all about the community and the local artists you’re showcasing might get new fans so it’s a win-win for all! Local digital artists are the best to work with since their work is simple to transfer over onto canvas prints that you can then sell to customers if they’d like and continue to print new ones with every new local artist you work with.
  2. Historical Prints: Another great way to really foster your community pride is to feature historical prints of your city. Your customers will appreciate seeing their town in old photos, as they get a sense of awareness of how much you love the community. You can easily find royalty-free images to use for your canvas prints on the web or run over to your local library to get some and we’ll do the rest, since we specialize in canvas prints for restaurants!
  3. Food Prints: Of course, you’ll want to feature your amazing restaurant and its delicious dishes, so hire a photographer and use your most popular dishes for your canvas prints! This will help show off your food and help customers decide on what to eat when they visit your place. And you can easily change up the décor with new items on your menu as you release them with new canvas prints!
  4. Nature Prints: People love to see beautiful pictures of nature so if your décor allows for it, why not showcase some amazing landscapes or nature photos for your photo canvases? This will especially work for restaurants located in scenic areas that see a lot of traffic from travellers in the area for the wildlife!
  5. Abstract Art Prints: Abstract art prints area always great for restaurants, especially if they follow a certain theme or color palette so it doesn’t look random or messy.
  6. Socializing Prints: There are many photo sites where you can now purchase pictures from and many of them feature photos that have people socializing together, which make for great photo canvas prints for restaurants. These include them eating, drinking or simply hanging out, creating a fun and modern ambiance for your restaurant. And if you truly want to harness the power of modern times, you can include special hashtags on your prints as they relate to your restaurant to start social conversations around your place!

coffee shop canvas art

These are just a few ideas as to what to use for canvas restaurant prints and it’s entirely up to you as to what you want printed, but know that we are here to help! Let us help you make your restaurant walls look amazing so that people come back time and time again for the food AND the ambiance!

If your prints are going to be displayed in areas where they are likely to be splashed with food or wine, we strongly recommend adding the canvas coating to the finished print. Your Restaurant Canvas Prints will become waterproof and if there is any food splashed on them they can be rinsed and wiped under a tap to make them look as good as new.

For more information on our range of Restaurant Canvas Prints or any of our other products, please get in touch today.

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