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Holiday photos on canvas from £4.99

Holiday photos on canvas

holiday photos on canvas

Holiday photos on canvas are a great way to remember your special times together when you were away. If you are like us, you will take as many pictures as you possibly can so you can remember the amazing time you had. While you’ll most likely post them on your social media sites to share with friend and family members, many times, those holiday photos will go unused on your smartphone or computer as you continue snapping other sorts of memories only to come across them when you’re looking for a particular picture. Instead of just letting your holiday photos get buried deep in your hard drive or lost in the many albums on your phone, why not do something else to keep those memories alive? Here are some suggestions as to what you should do with your holiday photos:

Create a picture display


To show off your holiday photos, you can easily head over to your local thrift store and snatch up an antique frame for cheap. Restore it in any color you’d like and then use it as a frame to create a cool and unique picture display that you can hang anywhere in your home or office. Use twine and small clothespins to display the photos within the DIY frame.

Create magnets

fridge magnets

You can easily create fridge magnets of your holiday photos by printing them out on photo magnet paper. It’s simple to do and can be done at home using your inkjet printer. You’ll just have to by printable magnet sheets and then arrange the photos using an app and then print them out at home and display them on your fridge to remember how wonderful your holiday was!

Create a photo canvas or poster

wedding canvas portrait

You can easily decorate your home or office with your holiday photos by turning your favorite ones into photo canvases or posters that can be hung anywhere! These photo canvases and posters can be printed in a variety of sizes and will look amazing on any gallery wall or on its own. Everyone will get to see your wonderful holiday photos and you’ll be able to relive those fun memories every time you see it.

Design a photo collage

Canvas Collage

A photo collage is the perfect way to get all your holiday photos on canvas displayed in one place. We often have too many photos and money is a little tight so we cannot decide which is the best photo to have printed. In this case get them all put on to one canvas. Our photo collage prints are a fantastic solution and will look amazing on any wall. They also make perfect gifts for birthdays or wedding parties.

Get your Black and Whites printed on Silver Canvas Prints

silver canvas prints


Maybe you have been to an airshow on your holidays or have taken a panoramic print that will look good printed in black and white.

canvas photos printed on silver canvas

Why not push the boat out for your holiday photos on canvas with a silver canvas print only available at Canvasdesign. Your photos will be printed on to a pearlescent silver canvas roll that makes images look life like.

Panoramic HDR Canvas Prints to buy




Popular Holiday Spots for Families

Taking holidays are beneficial to your health, well being and mental state. Taking time off and resetting can be amazing for your relationships, especially those with your family. Every one needs a break, even your kids, and taking a holiday doesn’t just provide you with a bit of R&R, but it also brings you closer as you create special memories together! So this year, why not book an amazing family holiday to a few of these popular family destinations!

  1. Greece

Amazing views, weather and a rich history all combine when you take a family trip to Greece! With sun year round, Greece is a beloved holiday destination for many Brits thanks to its family friendly culture. You can go sightseeing, hit the beaches and soak up the culture on an amazing trip to Greece that will provide you with loads of pictures and memories.



  1. Spain

Only a three-hour plane ride away from England makes Spain a top destination for many Brit families! Heading down to a resort town is the best way to get in some relaxing time as a family, which is why Benidorm and Malaga are favorite destinations for a family package holiday. And with so many cool things to do in any part of Spain you travel to, your family is bound to have an unforgettable time!


  1. Florida

Head over to the States to hit Disney World in Florida! It’s an amazing way to spend your holiday if you have littles who adore all things Disney. You can literally spend your entire holiday at all of Disney World’s various attractions. And bigger kids will have fun, too, thanks to all the rides and more.  But Florida also has Universal Studies and other theme parks, making your holiday jam-packed with all sorts of fun things your kids will love.


So where will you book your 2018 family holiday? But don’t forget to cherish your vacation memories by taking all your photos and creating a photo canvas print collage so that you never forget all the fun you had as a family!

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holiday photos on canvas
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