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How to take the perfect picture of your pet

Perfect pet picturesOur pets are our dearest friends. They are by our side even when the whole world is conspiring to bring you down, and is probably the only living creature that is happy to see you even when you lock him/her inside the house for hours on end. Pets quickly take their place in our hearts with our families and we enjoy having their pictures framed on our desk or wall at home or at work. So if you want to immortalize your beloved pet by means of a photograph, then you should know how to take the best pet photograph.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that perfect pet pictures are best captured under natural light. Flash is a strict no-no for pet photography. Flash not only burns the image and causes red eye, it might even frighten the animal. Let your pet explore the great outdoors while snapping his pictures or use a well-lit room for your pet photo session.

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Capturing perfect pet pictures is harder than shooting photos of people. People at least listen to the cameraman when he shouts ‘Say Cheese’. Pets are always on the move. So, it’s a good idea to photograph pets in their preferred spots or enjoying a much-loved pass time such as snoozing on the porch or catching a Frisbee. Also the shutter speed should be kept high to capture the movement of your pet, otherwise the pictures will be blurry. Also you might want to surprise them with a sudden picture to capture their character best.

The eyes are the only place where you can read the emotions of your pet, since they can’t make facial expressions. So make sure you include the eyes of your pet in your photograph. Make sure to focus on your pet’s eyes and keep the photo sharp. We all know how your pet looks from 5 feet from the ground, but how is the world from their level? Capture things from their perspective. Get down to their eye level or below to capture the best shots of your pet.

Photographing people with his or her pet would is a great idea too. A good simple portrait of a pet by itself or with the owner is a classic shot. Gift your father a picture with his beloved pet this father’s day as a gift and he will surely declare it as a perfect father’s day gift.

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If you love pets and taking pictures, why not combine the two to create your dream job – a pet photographer! You’ll be able to show off your photography skills taking pictures of dogs, cats and other pets so that their owners can cherish and use around their home to show off their fur baby. But like other jobs, it takes work and practice to become a top notch pet photographer, so here’s a few useful things you should know before you venture out on your own to start your pet photography business:

The Pay

Even though it’s your passion to take photos of pets for owners, you still need to get paid, right? Well, don’t expect to become a millionaire taking these types of photos, but you can make some good money once you get your name out there. The annual salary of a pet photographer depends on a number of things. First, what you charge by the hour and how that adds up to a fixed salary of your liking. Second, it depends on your clients, the season and your online presence. The more clients you have, the more you’ll make, naturally. Finally, your salary will depend on your individual hustle. Starting out, you might not charge that much, but as you get better, you’ll increase your fees and earn more.

How to do it

There isn’t a real clear path to becoming a pet photographer. You just need to be interested in photography and pets and capturing perfect pet pictures! But you can take various steps to improve your chances of becoming successful. Although you don’t need any certificates or formal schooling in photography, it is helpful that you understand the fundamentals of photography. Your editing skills should also be up to par!

You should also be able to be comfortable handling different animals. Pets aren’t always as easy to manage during shoots as people, so it might be a bit challenging. You’ll have to be patient and know how to work with them. Once you have a few shots, you’ll also have to build your online portfolio so that you can attract more clients and show off your work. This will provide you future success as a pet photographer! And if you want to make more money, you can also offer your photos on canvas prints so that your customers can show off their beloved fur babies. Photo canvas prints can be an added extra to your photo packages and allow you to upsell your services.

The bottom line for perfect pet pictures is to have fun with two things you love: your pet and your camera. So experiment with both the four legged model and the camera and have fun!


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