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Milestone birthdays- how do you celebrate?

Every birthday is special but some birthdays stand out more than others as a milestones along the path of our lives. Birthday canvas prints are a great way to celebrate special birthdays. These birthdays are termed as milestone birthdays. Usually your 18th, 21st,30th, 50th,60th,70th, 80th and 90th birthdays are treated as milestone birthdays. Birthdays can also bring with them a sense of regret, “things that we should have achieved by this age” kind of feeling. Milestone birthdays are celebrated to obliterate those feelings. For adults, these birthdays are the ones that make you feel the passage of time. They arrive when it’s time for the human body odometer to turn over to the next decade.

birthday canvas prints

Milestone birthdays are fun and memorable. Eighteen, for example, has a special meaning. You’re legal. And at 30, birthday girls and boys begin to plan their future: family, purchasing a home and choosing a career path to get through the next milestone birthdays. At 50, you’ve reached the half-century mark. Turning 50 is a huge milestone worthy of a big fancy celebration. What better way celebrate than with birthday canvas prints for your special loved one.

Birthday photos on canvas

When you host a milestone or “over the hill” party, ask your guests to bring small gifts that will tease the guest of honour about how old he or she has become. For example, reading glasses, hair dye, adult diapers. The decorations could also take a humorous tone about the birthday boy’s/girl’s age. Funeral themes are popular with casket shaped cakes and guests coming in mourning garb.

Make sure that by the time you reach the next milestone year, you are left with fewer items in your bucket list.

The next time you hit a milestone year or you are planning a milestone birthday party for your close friend/family, be sure to make it a phenomenal one. One that will be talked about till the next milestone comes.



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