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How to Take the Perfect Holiday Pic

Holidays are nearly here! It’s that time for families to be together and make memories. Holidays also make for the perfect opportunity to click hundreds of photos and turn them in to holiday photos on canvas. Whether they are the pictures of kids being naughty or of adults enjoying their leisure time, send them to us and we will turn them in to stunning canvas prints.

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For the person taking the photographs it is time to get creative and click the family in various natural settings and in the company of the rest of the family members. All of those pictures tells a story and holds the viewer spellbound!

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One of the best ways to take a perfect picture during holidays is to set the stage. It need not be a formal portrait of the family, it could be a photo of the entire family together under the oldest tree in the garden or of your family standing in the park with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Any place that has something interesting or significant to the family around which the entire narrative can be weaved.

While photographing kids, some of the best pictures are taken when they are not on their guard. They can pose but keep taking the pictures in between the poses too because the intervening moments are where they let go and give you the opportunity to take candid shots. These are often the best holiday photos on canvas that you can but as they are more natural. The more relaxed the people are, the more natural the photos would seem. You can also stage some old family portraits in a newer setting, with the family members posing similar to the older shot but with new energy. Such portraits could form the topics for the stories in future years.

Whether the photos are being clicked indoors or outdoors, always ensure that everyone in the frame is facing the source of light, that they all look directly in the camera and keep their facial features relaxed. Capture the moments that signify something like exchanging of gifts, blowing out the candles or gazing at an interesting specimen at the zoo – a picture that speaks a thousand words!

These absorbing moments would look great on frame and will provide you with a lifetime of fond memories.

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