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Small Change Big Impact for spring

Spice up your room interiors with our new spring decorating ideas:

Gather nature’s gifts like spring branches, pebbles and flowers to get colour in your house. After all it’s the season of bright colours and hues.


spring decorating ideas

Trade your heavy draperies, used in the winters for lighter curtains and voils. Bring in the sunlight and let the warmth spread around the house. Relax with a cup of coffee and the ethereal curtains blow along with the gentle breeze. If possible, change the furniture and exchange the dark wood for brighter, lighter hues of wood. If that change is not possible, change your linens to florals and whites . This will automatically enhance your mood and set your day going in a positive way.



Revive your bedroom by changing your winter comforters, bed skirts and duvets to light coloured shimmers, embroidered pastel floral and sheers.

Make simple but big changes by changing the winter table accessories . Get light pieces out such as a white woven basket, a white pottery lamp or fill up a turquoise vase with white flowers. These small changes will have a big effect on your interiors and will be a welcoming change for all.

Spring decorating ideas dont come any better than a DIY project for your room, by pressing a leaf on a white frame and placing it at the entry table along with other white artifacts. It automatically brings a fresh feel to the room and announces the arrival of spring

pressed leaves

Invigorate family photos by placing fun colourful and inexpensive photo frames and add them along the hallway for all to see. Do something different with them and get them made in to a photo montage.

photo montage


Refresh with pastel wallpaper and add some sheer curtains to welcome the sunlight in the morning. This is not only pleasing to the eye but creates an aura of freshness around the room. You can change it in either your bedroom or your common room and add a chandelier to the room throwing in some bright throws around the sofa will add to the seasonal change

pastel wallpaper

Add bursts of bright colour, energetic patterns and lively springtime motifs to your home to welcome spring. These small changes have a big impact and welcome the season of blooms into your house. Add just the right touch for an impressive change.

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