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Ways To Transform Your Space Into A Creative Retreat

Creative Home Ideas from Canvasdesign.

Want your home to be a creative retreat that’s artistic, unique and comfy? Of course you do but sometimes creative home ideas are hard to come across! Being at home is all about comfort and making your space your own, so if you want to transform your ordinary space into a retreat that all will feel welcomed and comfortable in, you’ll definitely want to personalise your space as much as possible. Making it personal really makes a comfortable space that all will appreciate when visiting, so here are some Creative Home Ideas on how to get it done!

creative ideas for home

  1. Use favorite photos on the wall

Why buy original artwork when you can simply use prints of some of your own photos?! If you want a personal touch added to your space, then decorating your walls with favorite photos will definitely give it that tough. You can use ones of you with family and friends or a few of your favorite Instagram snaps but getting them printed on canvas! Use snaps that you’re proud of and then get them printed on photo canvases so that they look professional and beautiful.

canvas ideas

  1. Opt for complementary colors

When decorating your walls for a creative haven, don’t forget to mix and match your colors so that they complement each other. After all, the last thing you want is clashing colors that will totally mess up your hard decorating work. A few amazing color combinations include blue and grey, lavender and grey, blue and green and, of course, black and white.

complimentary interior design colours

  1. Size counts!

When playing around with your photo canvas wall art, it’s important that you take into consideration the size of the prints. You don’t want your wall to look cluttered if you use too many small prints. Instead, go for one large canvas poster instead, which is an easy way to play with proportions. But remember that you don’t want to overdo it with one huge print, so find a balance between large and small canvas photos so that it looks just right.

large canvas prints

  1. Find the perfect layout

There are tons of way you can dress up your walls, so play with the layout to find the perfect one for that particular wall and your overall space. Arrange the photos and canvas prints on the floor first before you start to hang them on the walls to get that perfect layout.

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