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Preserve all your old Newspaper clippings with us

Old photos on canvas and Newspaper restoration from Canvasdesign.old photos on canvas

Newspapers are still a major means of communication today. With a little care, those clippings that are important in your life can be around for many future generations. Perhaps the clippings were created and saved by your favourite maternal Aunt. Or they could provide the genealogical information you can glean from the names of parents listed in the obituary. Or they could be articles about some historical events that bear special importance to you. But newspaper clipping preservation is not an easy task. Place a newspaper in the sun for some time and you will see that it has turned yellow. Add moisture to the mixture and you get the perfect recipe for speedy disintegration of paper.
Newspaper are not made of archival papers. They are of low quality, made using untreated, ground wood fibres with impurities remaining after processing that include resins, tannins and lignin. Lignin is the most corrosive element present in the newspaper. Though not acidic itself, it can cause acidic reaction when exposed to heat, light, high humidity, or atmospheric pollutants. This reactions makes paper brittle, and it turns yellow with age. The ink used in newspaper is also not of high quality and seeps through the newspaper and stains other documents, books and photographs. When stored against another document, you will eventually observe a yellow silhouette of the clipping on the other document.

Chemical treatments (usually sprays or baths) can slow down additional deterioration, but sadly there is no way to undo the damage that has already occurred. Keep in mind also that some of these treatments will actually make the paper darker. In preserving your newspapers and clippings, you should decide what your objective is – preserving the content (information) in the clipping, the physical clipping, or both. If content is the only thing you want to preserve then you can just photocopy the newspaper on a commercial, acid free paper. We provide a better solution, as we scan the contents and use special quality paper and then preserve them on a canvas for you. This way, the information stays on forever and if the need comes you can hang them on your walls.

Darwen Photo Montage

With our special preservation methods, your newspaper clippings will stay the same for a long time and you and your family can cherish all the important news for generations to come.

Preserve old photos on canvas With Us

Everyone has a box of old photos that were passed down to them. These photos contain the memories of their past with photos of their great grandparents, distance family members, age-old friends and more. Although you can easily leave all of these old photos in an old box somewhere, forgotten by future generations, you can also let them live on by preserving old photos on canvas with us!

Many simply leave these precious memories tucked away in albums, frames or shoeboxes. But the years will take its toll on them and the pictures will lose their appeal. The color will fade and the once vibrant photos of your past are nothing more than a fuzzy memory, in your brain and on photo paper.

But not all hope is lost because you can preserve old photos with us! We’ll digitalize your photos so that you can safely store them on your computer, the cloud or a hard drive. Although it sounds like a very daunting task, it really isn’t! We take care of all the hard work. All you need to do is find your old photos and send them to us!

It doesn’t matter if you send us actual photos or negatives, we can do it all! We have expert image technicians that will scan each photo by hand. These technicians will also make sure to handle each photo with care given how special they are to our clients.  You’ll get them back in the same condition you sent them to us so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged. We can scan them to a hard drive or DVD, providing you with timeless digital storage that will last for many years to come.

We also do slide scanning services and offer a wide range of resolution options to choose from. You’ll be able to either choose your slides scanned to a hard drive or DVD or even both! And if you have tons of negatives, we can digitalize those, too! We’re make sure to preserve your priceless photos as best as we can and will give your memories new life in a digital age.

Our media transfer services are some of the best around as we provide quality image transfers at very affordable prices. We have advanced processing equipment at our facility, which will ensure the best quality available no matter how old your photos are.

Your memories shouldn’t die in an old shoebox or album! They need to live on in the cloud, a hard drive or on a DVD for future generations to appreciate and love. You should protect your precious memories for years to come and preserve your old photos with us!

Besides preserving your family’s legacy for future generations, scanning your photos with us allows you to easily share photos with family and friends online, share them on social media and protect them from fading and decaying. Plus, you eliminate the risk of damage from floods or fire, making this your insurance against losing priceless family memorabilia that can’t be restored if lost.

Our preservation process is easy and convenient, with little effort on your part! Plus, we offer affordable prices for old photos on canvas so you can preserve all of your old photos on canvas with us!




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