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Capturing the perfect sporting shot

Sporting events are one of the most difficult moments to capture on camera due to the fast paced action. Parents are always proud of their children participating in any sporting event. But instead of just cheering from the side lines, you can capture your kid’s sporting feats on camera. If you are worried that you may not be able to capture shots like those you see in the sports magazines, you are worrying about the right thing. Those photographers have had years of experience in shooting sports events. This article aims to help you capture your kid’s proudest moments without making them blurry or out of focus.

sporting photos on canvas

First you must have a DSLR camera or a camera which lets you change the shutter speed and ISO. Next you must consider a lens with 300mm or 400mm or if you don’t have that a 200mm will also do. Do not go below that. Choose a lens with an f/stop of f/2.8 or f/4. Try and avoid f/5.6.

Proper Lighting: Lighting is the most important thing to consider in any photography. If you’re outside on a bright sunny day, you can capture action easily. An ISO of 300-400 will be enough to capture action on a sunny day. But if you have an overcast sky or you are photographing an indoor sports like basketball or table tennis, an ISO of 1200-1600 is a must, and an ISO of 2000 is ideal. Try to see how far up you can crank up your ISO before noise comes creeping in.

mohamed ali

Shutter Speed: The key to capturing non-blurry images is high shutter speed. A shutter speed of at least 1/500th of a second is required to freeze movement. Remember that the tighter you zoom in, the higher your shutter speed needs to be. If you are shooting a large, wide-angle view of an entire event, you can often get by with quite a low shutter speed, as motions will appear small in the frame. But if you are zoomed in on individual participants or athletes, then even small motions will produce blurry images.

running shoe

But you can also experiment with the shutter speed. Professionals use low shutter speed and track the movement of the subject before clicking the picture. This way you get a blurry background that adds energy to the picture.

For taking the best sports photograph, you must have a steady hand and you must be following the action of the game thoroughly. You must not keep checking how your shot came off as you might miss some action. Take loads of photos and then keep the ones you feel came out best. We get sent many photos of people in sporting events who are after Canvas Prints making but cannot decide which photo to choose. This isnt a problem and we recommend that if you have lots of photos and you are on a tight budget that the best solution is to go for a photo collage.

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4 Reasons Why Sporting Canvas Prints Make Great Gifts

Trying to find the perfect gift is never easy. Either they have everything in the world and they don’t need much or they’re super picky and only want gift cards. While gift cards are easy gifts, they aren’t very thoughtful or unique. So if you’re looking for something different for the pickiest person you know, sporting canvas prints is a great way to go! Whether it’s for your significant other, child, aunt or a family friend, sporting canvas prints will make amazing gifts for everyone you know. Still not convinced you should gift them some sporting canvas prints? Here are some reasons why sporting canvas prints make great gifts:

  1. They’re unique

If you’re all about giving unique gifts, then a sporting canvas print is exactly what you need. No one else will ever think about giving them such a unique gift so you’ll know you’ll be the only one who does. Unique gifts are often the most liked ones so if you want your gift to be the best one, opt for a sporting canvas print of their favorite team!


  1. It’s personalized

Not only is it unique, but it’s also very personalized. In order to gift them the right sporting canvas, you’ll have to know their favorite sport, team or even player. When they open their sporting canvas gift and see their favorite player from their favorite team on it, they’ll automatically know that you went out of your way to gift them something personal! They’ll definitely want to hang it up in their bedroom, office or anywhere they can show off your gracious personalized sporting canvas picture. You can also go the extra mile and personalize it more by getting one of their own pictures playing a sport and then adding their name and any special filters to it. This makes it a sporting canvas that’s so unique no one else will ever have it. You can also opt to make a special sporting canvas collage that mixes up a few of their favorite sporting pictures into one unique canvas!


  1. It’s affordable

Buying the perfect shouldn’t break the bank. After all, it’s the thought that counts! So if you want an affordable gift that’s totally unique, then go with a sporting canvas print! You can choose from a number of sizes and each one is as affordable as the next. You’ll love the amazing prices that you’ll always want to gift a special sporting canvas print whenever you’re in need of truly unique gifts.


  1. Convenience

Instead of having to go to the store to pick out a gift, you can easily go online and create the perfect sporting canvas print! This eliminates the need to have to get in your car, drive to the store, spend hours trying to find something you like and then drive back home. You can shop for a sporting canvas print from the convenience of your home! Simply follow the instructions on how to create the unique and personalized sporting canvas print and then check out as you would with any other online store. We’ll process the order and provide super fast shipping so that you get your gift in no time!

So the next time you need a totally unique gift and aren’t sure what to buy, order a special sporting canvas print from us!


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