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6 Tips to Learn the Basics of Running Photography

Today we go through some basic tips on  running photography as well as exploring the history of Londons greatest marathon.

running photography

Choose a camera and lens for the Marathon:

Running photography is a great opportunity for budding photographers and you need to be very selective about the camera you use. Buy different cameras/lenses for different races. Personally, I strongly believe that it’s the photographer and not the camera who makes a picture perfect. Because the pace of marathon running is not as fast as sprinting, the shutter speed will not have to be as fast. Make sure it is fast enough though to avoid blurry images.

Place the position of your camera:

This is the second important tip to remember. Place the position of your camera, during a Marathon in a way that is easy to reach, whenever you wish to use it. If you don’t follow this, you may have to return home only with a few pictures. Better still, get it set up on a tripod with a remote switch and you will never miss a runner.

Control the background:

By background, I strongly meant the noise, the light and the time. The background noise may distract you from paying attention, the light decides the clarity of your pictures and the time of the day or night creates an impact on the quality of those pictures.

Photograph of runners

Check the battery and the memory card:

 This is highly essential point to remember for any photographer. Before you start shooting for Running photography, check for all the necessary detail, such as the battery life and the memory card. It may look like a basic thing to follow, but, it’s better to prevent an embarrassing situation of battery drain out. Always keep a few fully charged spare batteries in your camera bag.

Capture the gestures:

Capturing the gestures is very important in professional running photography. Whether it is a gesture related to sweat on the body, tiredness on a runners face or a big smile on the race accomplished, there are many gestures that make a perfect picture. Gestures are the reason behind photography and thus, these cannot be missed.

Go through the instructions:

 Every camera has its own settings and instruction manual. We recommend that you go through the entire camera manual to prevent any confusion in operating it. Understand the operation and instructions of your camera well enough to enjoy the experience of running photography.

Start practicing today for some exciting trail pictures!

Do you know the history of London’s greatest sporting event? Here we present a little insight to the history of The London Marathon.

History Of The London Marathon

history of the london marathon

The London Marathon is one of the highly anticipated events in the city as well as the world. As one of the biggest marathons on earth, it’s part of the World Marathon Majors. It’s one of the top six international marathons and third biggest sporting festival in England, with the Great North Run in Newcastle and the Great Manchester Run coming in top two. The event itself goes all the way back to 1981 when it was first established on March 29th. Since that first run, it’s been held annually ever since! The most recent event took place on April 22, 2018 and next year it’ll take place on Sunday, April 28, 2019. Since 2010, Virgin Money has sponsored the marathon.

Its beginnings go back to the original even when journalist and former Olympic champion Chris Brasher and athlete John Disley came together to create the marathon in the great city of London. Brasher had completed the New York City Marathon in 1979 and felt that London needed such an event.

Currently, the London Marathon is a flat route that goes around the River Thames. It beings at three different points around Blackheath and then finishes in The Mall right by St James’s Park. But there have been a few route changes over the years. A year after it was founded, the finishing spot was moved from Constitution Hill to Westminster Bridge because of construction. It’s organized by Hugh Brasher, the son of one of the founders, acting as Race Director, along with Nick Bitel as Chief Exectuive.

The London Marathon is also a huge fun raising sporting event. Since 1981, the event holds the Guinness world record for the largest annual fund raising event on the planet! The BBC covers the London Marathon, providing rolling coverage for the majority of the morning. There are three different groups of starters for the event: Elite Women, Men and Women Wheelchair and Elite Men. The Mass race then follows for everyone else.

Since its inception, the London Marathon has set world records for marathon running and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future!


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