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5 Tricks to Make Sporting Photography Your Hobby

A few weeks ago, I went to a photo studio and to my amazement, I was thrilled to see a set of a few sports portfolios by sports fans as well as a fantastic selection of Sporting Canvas Prints. This gave me a brilliant idea to learn a few tricks on Sporting photography.

Sporting Canvas Prints

After a bit of research on the net, I cam up with these 5 tricks  to fulfill your passion for Sporting photography:

  1. Choice of Camera:

The selection of your camera is one of the most essential and basic things to follow. Choose a camera that is right for the occasion. This will make it easier for you to capture motion. Thankfully, the camera industry  has some great models, which will  make you shoot like a half pro.

  1. Reach Early:

Trust me; you will get better opportunities by getting early to the site. The warm ups before the event helps to break the ice with the individuals involved and make you more comfortable for the photography. This will also improve your relation with the subjects.

  1. Learn the Sport:

The biggest key to improve the quality of your photo shoot is to have a good understanding about the sport. Once you have a fair understanding about the sports activity, things become easier to fix the lens at the right angle and capture those motions brilliantly.

  1. Pay Attention:

I consider this as the most important factor in Sporting photography. What I learnt from my experience is that it is easy to get distracted by the surroundings. The prom girls and the crazy fans can easily get your attention diverted from your goal. Remember, it’s an action sport and so, you need some action photos. Stay focused and stay connected to your hobby.

  1. Camera Settings:

Last but not the least, the type and experience of photography is noticed by a photographer’s camera settings. Whether it is an indoor gym or a sports playground, don’t forget to change the settings of your camera accordingly. The flash speed, timer, lens arrangement and zoom quality, everything counts to capture the motion during a sport.

Anything is possible in this world, if you know the tricks to get started. With more patience and practice, you will notice you are getting better at Sporting photography.

Need A New Hobby? Try Sporting Photography!

Being a sports photographer can be very gratifying as you try to catch the best pictures in motion. Whether you simply do it at your child’s football games or at sporting events you attend, sport photography will be your new favorite hobby! Here are some helpful tips on how to pursue a sporting photography hobby:

  1. The Right Camera

Before you go out and try your hand at your new favorite hobby, you’ll have to decide on what camera you’ll want to use. Remember, you’ll want to choose one that’s good at taking action photos so that you can capture the motion in all of its glory. There are several different camera models that are great for sports photography! You an even use your smartphone if it has the right settings. But whatever camera you choose, make sure you have it on the right settings. You’ll need to adjust them if the game is inside a gym or outside in a field.


  1. Learn The Sport

Decide on which sport you’re interested in so that you can capture the best photos! Having a good understanding of the game will make it easier to know what shots to go for and how to fix the lens at the right angle. This will make your shots so much better since you’ll know what to capture even before it happens. You also won’t miss out on valuable shots since you’ll already know how the game works and can anticipate the moves to capture before they happen.


  1. Always Pay Attention

The trick to sporting photography is paying attention to the game because that’s how you’ll get the best shots! You could easily get distracted by the game’s surroundings and other things that are happening there. , Thus, missing out on important plays of the game. Stay focused so that you’re connected to your hobby.

But the best thing about sporting photography is seeing your work when the game is done! Show off your best shots with sporting canvas prints! You’ll be able to display them in your home or space and even sell them! Sporting canvas prints can be printed to any size and you can use any picture that best represents your work. Just upload it to our online system, choose the size and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll absolutely love how each of your sporting canvas prints come out!

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