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How David Bowie Transcended Music, Fashion and Art

It’s over a year now since the world lost one of its most influential artists and although David Bowie is gone, his influence on music, fashion and art will remain forever. Born in 1947, the pop/rock idol lost his life to cancer (he had an 18-month battle with the illness) on January 10, just two days after he celebrated his 69th birthday. The iconic star is known for his infectious music and over-the-top fashion sense, always influencing pop culture through the years. David Bowie art is for sale all over the internet these days but many people do not know that David Bowie owned an extensive art collection himself. Artist and writer Matthew Collings characterized the collection as “bohemian, romantic, expressive, emotional art”. The most expensive David Bowie Art work he owned was Basquiat’s Air Power sold for $8.8 million in 2016. David Bowie was himself a sculptor and painter, and art works of his own make up part of his art collection. David Bowie Art Works include a series of self portraits he produced in 1995, one of which he used as the cover to his album Outside.

David Bowie Art

His songs were about being an outsider and feeling alienated from society, while his music was considered to be a blend of various genres, including jazz, rock, cabaret and what he called “plastic soul.” His concerts and videos were just as intense as his music with elaborate costumes and more, setting the bar for some of today’s biggest stars. His ever-changing personal was also an inspiration for today’s most beloved artists like Madonna and Lady Gaga, while at the same time influencing his fans on other things like Japanese fashion, German electronica and more. Yet, throughout his career and ever-changing styles, his was always a recognizable voice and personal. He even created a double persona, Ziggy Stardust, who in 1973 announced his retirement from music. It’s this experiment in persona that created a signature look for the time – flaming red hair and handmade clothes that helped ignite his growing legacy. In the fashion world, he made waves with his gender loose and choices and was even married to international model Iman.

David Bowie Fashion

David Bowie was a fearless icon that embodied the spirit of a unique and true artist. He didn’t settle for society’s norms and helped liberate us “outsiders” from following society’s conventions. He set the bar high and many artists today look to his career and music for influence and inspiration.

david bowie smoking

One of his most recognizable and famous quotes perfectly captures his death in the spirit of such a legendary life – “The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” Bowie’s life and career will continue to inspire future generations and his memory will live on with his art.

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