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7 Fantastic Tips that will help you to take the Perfect Selfie

If the idea of clicking some amazing poses of yourself confuses you, then learning a few tips on how to take the perfect selfie will greatly help. I understand it is an awkward moment to flatter yourself in public, but who cares? We all need those few moments to flaunt our beauty.

Perfect Selfie

These 7 tips are simply fantastic to teach you about how to take the perfect selfie:

  1. One of the main problematic things is the background, while clicking selfies. The people behind and the background may make you look distracted or conscious. Okay, so here is the solution. You have the option of ‘CROP’ or background change in most of the cameras and smartphones. Alternatively, use the Gaussian Blur filter in Photoshop.  So, click yourself a perfect selfie with all the confidence!


  1. Check yourself out! There is no harm to shower a few compliments on oneself. Speak to yourself that you are a drop dead gorgeous beauty and it is time to capture it on camera. After all the money spent on those branded eyeliners, lip colors and that perfect attire, you deserve a few hot selfies.


  1. Experimenting with a few unique poses like in the water, behind the shower curtain or at the top of the car look good. Selfies are an inspiration to others and those unique poses can grab attention from all who see them.


  1. Try the two handed selfie by holding the camera on the top. Use one hand to hold your camera and push the shutter release button with the other. Ensure that you do not cover the lens.  Failing this, grab yourself a selfie stick and click away.


  1. Always stand in the light while taking a selfie. Either stand near the window or at the entrance of the door. Face the light and hold the camera on the opposite side. It is not always necessary to look into the camera. Sometimes, the side poses, turn out amazing.


  1. Do something exciting while clicking a selfie, such as; snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing, playing badminton and bungee jumping. Some of these exciting moments in life deserve a selfie.


  1. Ensure that you do not click a selfie with your neck downward. This will make your double chin visible and spoil the picture. Raise the camera a bit above and accentuate your jaw line.

Selfie Tips For The Christmas Holidays:

Santa Selfies

Now that the holidays are upon us, you’re probably going to attend loads of Christmas parties, family dinners and more, so you’ll want to perfect your selfie game to take amazing pictures. Here are some more selfie tips for the holidays:

  1. Plan your background. Think about wherever you’re going and try to figure out what would be the perfect holiday background for your selfie. If it’s a Christmas tree lot, find the biggest tree to snap a pic in front of. Or if you’re holiday shopping, choose the store with the most festive décor. By putting some effort in your background, you’ll definitely snap a holiday-worthy selfie that you’ll want to have on a canvas print to use as décor for your home.


  1. Wear festive clothes. You don’t have to be invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party to wear that crazy snowman jumper you just bought! Go and buy a few festive outfits and make sure to wear them so that you’re selfies are filled with holiday joy and cheer! This will only make your holiday selfies even more creative so that you get more likes on the ‘Gram!

christmas jumpers


  1. Have a mirror by you to make sure you look good. The thing with selfies is that you never know how you look until after the picture. Have a mirror by you when taking selfies at home as you bake cookies or decorate your home so that you know exactly how you look before you snap the picture. It’ll save you time as you snap away trying to get the perfect photo to post on social media.


  1. Have festive props. Just as you would plan your background, plan your festive props, too! Maybe it’s Christmas cookies, a present you’re wrapping, a candy cane or anything else that gets you in the Christmas spirit, make sure it looks natural in your selfie. You’ll be able to print out your best holiday selifes on canvas prints to use as holiday décor around your home for the years to come!

  1. Use the right apps and filters to enhance your favorite selfies. To make your IG feed more cohesive and just look prettier, use the right apps and filters to edit your holiday selfies. There’s no shame in editing your selfies before you post them to social media. Just make sure you don’t over do it to where you can’t even tell where your face begins and your neck ends. There are tons of great apps to enhance your photos and filters to create a dynamic Instagram feed that’ll get you more likes and followers.

  1. Play to your angles. To take the perfect selfie, always play to your angles. Keep your chin down and the camera way up high. You don’t want to shoot yourself from the chin up because it’ll look like a total disaster. When taking your selfie, make sure that you hold your phone so that the bottom of it is perfectly leveled with your eyes.


  1. Get creative with your photos. Show off your holiday spirit and simply have fun with your selfies! The best ones are where you do natural expressions and look like you’re having a blast. Be yourself and try not to completely stage all of your pictures to give them a more natural feel.

And don’t forget to create canvas prints of your perfect selfie photos! Take them with friends and family and print them out on canvas for unique gifts!






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