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Picture Perfect Wedding Day Tips

Wedding photography is one of the most difficult events to get right. Not only for the Bride and Groom but there us an enormous amout of stress on the photographer to make sure they get your perfect day captured right, first photography and any wedding photo on to canvas from canvasdesign UK

Wedding photography and wedding photographs are memories that are being created for a lifetime and its best that they are perfect. There is no second chance with them and they need to have no mistakes in them .To make them so, here are few tips for the wedding day and how to get them to be picture perfect, which can be blown up and displayed on the wall and not just stored and put away in an album and forgotten they ever existed.


Time is an important factor. Last minute rushing around always reflects on your face .Do not rush into anything and just be calm. Make sure that as a bride you are ready beforehand so that the makeup artist does not rush you into the shoot and make a blunder of your face. Relax, for this is the first step to a great picture.

Hair and Makeup

Avoid, avoid and avoid dark lipstick if you don’t want to be portrayed as a bride with thin lips. It is definitely not flattering and looks super ugly in photographs. Try it at home and you can see what we mean. The Bride should be looking as fresh as dew and not old, so go light on the makeup and let the natural glow on the face show.

wedding couple holding hands for a perfect photo


Since this is your day, forget all the worries at home and do not fret about being perfect. Sometimes the best moments are captured unknowingly .Let the love be portrayed from your eyes, fill them up with love and hope for your future life. Smile, be happy and just be yourself .There is no need to put up a farce, for pictures don’t lie.

wedding photography group photo of some of the guests


More often than not, the bride will be in white so a white bouquet against a white dress does not look all that great. Let the bride hold the flowers at a comfortable level and not too tight or too low. This is a very important aspect as this will get colour into the picture and don’t forget to smile!

Apart from this there has to be perfect lighting and the dress should not be crinkled ,the family members too need to be considered and pictures need to be taken with each important member .The right posture always helps and it makes the picture a delight to see !

Canvasdesign UK work with many online photographers and local photographers from the Lancashire area. We will transfer your photo on to canvas so you can display it in your home and remember your wedding day forever.

Wedding Day Photo Tips

Create A Timeline For The Day

Even before the big day, you’ll want to create a timeline for the day so that you get in all the shots you want. Have an estimated start time for hair, makeup, reception and your photos sessions for the first look, bridal party and couple’s session. By creating a timeline for the day, you’ll be able to see how much time everything should take so that you capture everything needed to remember your big day later on.

Think About Wearing A Long Veil

For picture-perfect wedding photos, you might want to wear a long veil so that you get the best pictures possible. A bride’s veil can be incorporated into pictures so many ways and it’s really a focal point. It may not work with your dress, but if you can work in along veil to enhance your photos.

Have Some Toss Items

wedding photography always looks better when confetti is thrown over the bride and groom

Toss items like confetti looks great in photos so try to add them in whenever you can! They work great with group photos, your grand exit or during your first dance. Toss items really add an extra touch to your wedding photos. You can also do rice, flower petals and anything else you’d like to incorporate into your wedding to get back photos that radiate excitement and happiness on your big day.

Have A First Look Session

That first look when a bride and groom see each other is amazing. Make sure that you capture that for some beautiful memories! The first look makes for really heartfelt photos you’ll cherish for the rest of time.

Get Your Couples Session In During The Best Lighting

Don’t forget to schedule your couple’s wedding photography session about 30 to 45 minutes right before sunset when you’ll get the best lighting for your pictures. The romantic hues during this sought after Golden Hour will provide the best photos to remember your special day.

Don’t Stress

It’s your special day so don’t stress out over your wedding photography or else it’ll show in the images. Just relax and have fun and trust your photographer!

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