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How to Get the Most Out of Your Canvas Prints

Whenever you finish a new piece of art or photography shoot, one of the most thrilling parts of the process is getting to display your new piece.

Even though it may seem like a daunting task, if you’re willing to put time and effort into thinking of how you’ll design your space, custom photo canvas prints can be a beautiful addition anywhere in your home or office.


Don’t be afraid to take risks with canvas prints

If you determine that you want your canvas prints to be the star of your space, see how big you can really make it. Try using old wallpaper or a broken-down cardboard box to see how much space you actually have.  Sometimes people receive our canvas prints and are surprised at how little impact the size they’ve chosen has. Don’t be afraid to go big and add a whole new layer of depth to your space.

extra large canvas prints

On the subject of size, remember that your canvas prints don’t all have to be identical. Some variation in space is a great way to bring attention to your wall art. The human eye is drawn towards non-uniform things, and by having different sizes, you can create an engaging display that’s sure to turn heads. Make sure you find a large centerpiece to ground your space, but after that feel free to add as many smaller canvases around it as you please.

When you’re making your canvas print display, don’t be afraid to be bold with design. Instead of making a perfectly symmetrical, attached space, try letting your creative side branch out a bit and look for unique ways to frame your center piece. There are no strict rules on  how to create a layout for canvases, so be willing to take risks an try new things in your space. Split panel canvas prints are a great way to fill a larger wall. All of these different layouts are available to order on our site.

split panel canvas prints

Be Mindful of Color

If you want your art to be the focus of your room, try and find a plain background. Grey and white walls are ideal for canvases as they don’t distract from your piece in the same way that brightly colored walls would. However, this doesn’t mean that you can never put a canvas on a colorful space. A large part of working with color is just being aware of the different ways that they can go together. You can put artwork almost anywhere as long as you’re finding complementary backgrounds. For example, if you’re looking to hang canvases on a red wall, look for other “Fall colors” such as orange and yellow to hang on top.

It’s also important to try and have your canvases color schemes complement each other as well. When putting canvases in a display, it’s ideal for the viewer if they can see a connection in color and theme. This makes art generally more appealing to look at and keeps attention on what the canvases actually have on them, rather than their clashing colors.


Look for Unique Ways to Hang Canvases

There are so many options for ways to show off your canvases beyond simply hanging them from the wall. One of the best parts about canvased works is that you have dramatically more freedom to be creative in your display than a traditional framed painting.

One timeless way to show off your canvas paintings is by putting shelving up on your wall and placing your canvases, along with some decorative items, on top. This is a fantastic way to add depth and elegance into any room. Though it may take a bit more effort than just nailing a canvas to the wall, this is ideal for anyone who wants to exercise their creative side and create a cozy centerpiece for any room.

Another option is to try swiss clips. Even though this form of hanging is often associated with glass art, it can be a unique way to display your latest canvas piece. There are four simple steps to achieving swiss clips.

  1. Purchase clips that are the correct size for your canvas.
  2. On the back of the canvas, drill a small hole into the wood that will hold the clips in place.
  3. Repeat this step on every corner or side of the canvas you want a clip on.
  4. Drill a screw into your wall that you can hang the clips off of.

If you’re living in a space where you can’t put any holes on the wall, such as an apartment or another rented space, look for opportunities to stack or lean your art. A bookshelf or any other high standing furniture with a flat top can be a great location to place canvases. Even though your art may not be at eyelevel, it can be a unique perspective that adds a fun, unexpected pop of color to your space. If you have a spacious windowsill, or a cabinet that you’re not using often, those can be ideal for leaning canvases. There’s no need to let your interior décor suffer at the hand of a landlord who won’t let you hang art in your space.

canvas display

         Figuring out how to display art in your space can be one of the most intimidating factors of interior design. Canvas prints are one of the best ways to add dimension, color, and creativity into any space. With so many different things to take into account, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, there are no genuine hard and fast rules to decorating.  It’s more important to create a space that you’ll enjoy, than to try to follow every guideline in the book. Happy designing!

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