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Seven Ways to Display Your Personalised Canvas Prints

Whenever you get a new piece of art, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by how many different ways you can display it. With so many factors to consider before even getting started, and so much excitement to just get your prints up, it’s almost always the first instant to fall back into the trap of just simply hanging them on the wall. Don’t get us wrong, canvas prints can look absolutely stunning even if you don’t choose the most artistic route. However, with the sheer versatility of this artform, there are so many unique, fun, and interesting ways that you can display your work. It would almost feel like a waste not to find a creative way to decorate. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece in the living room, or an emotional collage in your bedroom, there’s a perfect style to get your purpose across. So, here are seven unique ways for you to display your canvas.

  1. Use Small Canvas Prints to Capture Life’s Biggest Moments
Draped canvas prints and fabric

We understand that not every single second of the human experience is the most thrilling moment to have ever happened. However, there are just enough massive milestones that your wall may run out of space if you try to display all of them in a size that matches their importance to you. That’s where small canvas prints come into play. Dramatically easier to be creative with and maneuver, these tiny displays can be hung in a multitude of different ways. Something such as a bright ribbon connecting the canvases, or a looping string going from moment to moment can be a great way to show of your journey. Or, if you’re looking for something more dramatic, try out a petite, dark cloth draping below them. Regardless of how you chose to decorate your small canvases, there’s nothing better than being able to show off all of those big moments that make life so great, without having to sacrifice all of your wall space.

  • Try stylizing Square Prints into a Grid Collage Canvas
Split canvas prints

It may be tempting to just place all your square canvases in one perfect straight line, and just leave them. Though this can be a great style option if you’re only looking to hang two or three canvases, once you start to expand your collection there are so many more options with how to arrange your art. One of our favorite designs is just a simple square. Though one of, if not the, most basic geometric shapes, there’s something so soothing about a perfectly spaced out, symmetrical shape that makes it so people just can’t stop staring. If you’re interested in creating a square, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. These squares only can look their best when all the prints are essentially the same size, and the same distance apart. Since this is less dramatic than some of the other styles, this is a great way to hang pictures with friends, pets, and other more casual moments. Or, if you’re interested in making a sort of mural on your wall, try and leave no space between the canvases, letting them have a soothing, natural, and less ridged flow.

  • Give the  Faux Photo Booth Style a Shot

With burst photography being used more and more frequently, it’s easier than ever to capture every single little shift in expression. The split second it takes to switch from a giggle to a thunderous laugh or from staring at the ground to gazing lovingly at someone are some of the most beautiful moments in life. If you happen to be lucky enough to capture some, a great way to display that is with a canvas printing similar to what you would receive coming out of a photobooth. After taking a great sequence of photos, all you have to do is just paste four of them together in almost any photoshop program, and get that printed onto one, long rectangular canvas. This is by far in a way the best method to capture quickly changing facial expressions, or lots of action occurring in a small amount of time. 

  • Don’t be Afraid to Utilize Multiple Art Mediums
canvas prints and photo frames

Canvas prints are amazing. Trust us, we’re sort of experts. But, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little bit of spice into your canvas collection by using other mediums of art to decorate spaces around canvases. Using a sort of gallery design, the neutrality of the canvas prints allows them to continue to look stunning regardless of what different wall art it’s combined with. Try using various pieces in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from a traditional framed photo to a painting or drawing that complements your canvas well. We highly recommend that if you’re going to take this route, it’s important to look for a common theme to unite all your artwork. This creates an incredibly classy, high-end centerpiece for any room. However, be aware that this form of canvas decorating is not for the weak of heart. This is a very bold route to take with your canvas displaying but can be incredibly rewarding if given the appropriate amount of time, thought, and effort. 

  • Look for a Creative Frame to Highlight your Piece
framed canvas prints

Often times when hanging art, there tends to be some pieces that are more special to you than other pieces. Maybe it’s the picture of the first dance at your wedding, the day that you graduated, or your first vacation with your kids. Regardless of what your special piece is, it’s all too easy for an important print to get lost in the sea of your other pieces of wall art. So, one of the best ways to avoid your favorite piece getting washed out is getting a frame to place around it. We understand that many people may find the appeal of canvas prints in their lack of frame. However, this is a phenomenal way to apply more structure, and draw more attention to the piece. Not to mention, as long as you leave the glass out of the frame, all the things that first drew you to your canvas will stay the same. You’ll be left with the same fantastic, high quality piece, without feeling like it’s not getting the attention it deserves.

  • Use Floating Shelves Instead of Individual Hanging
floating shelf and canvas prints

Floating shelves are one of the best ways to display canvases, especially if you’re not interested in the damage a large number of nails can do to your wall. Easy to install, and remarkably affordable, these shelves are the perfect way to showcase your beautiful prints. Not to mention, they also leave room for even more creative decorating. You can place small items on your shelves along with your canvas paintings, creating your own mini, multimedia gallery. One of the biggest perks of this form is the fact that you can swap out canvases as well as decorations so easily. So, if you’re looking for a spooky Halloween display that can easily be switched to a festive wintertime version, these shelves are absolutely perfect for you. With the sheer versatility they offer, there’s no better way to put in the minimum effort and get the maximum reward from your canvas prints.

  • Find Some Uplifting Quotes, Poems, or Lyrics to go on your Canvases
spiritual words on canvas

Even though canvas printing is typically only seen as a way to show off art, don’t let that fool you. Personalised canvas printing is one of the best ways to show off many different components of your room, and if you really want to add depth and beauty into a space, a great option is printing out words to go with your pictures. Hanging a short poem about love by a collage of your wedding, or a quote about seeing the world by all your study abroad pictures is a great way to add a new depth to your art, and really give it a personalized vibe. Custom canvas prints with words can also be great seasonal decorations and can add that extra bit of holiday flair during the winter months. Regardless of the reason or the season, words are a great attention getter due to how unique they are and can be one of the best ways to give canvas printings an even more special meaning.    

            Trying to figure out the best way to display your bespoke canvas prints is a task that requires creativity, time and dedication. However, with so many different unique styles and options, you’re guaranteed to find a method that fits exactly what you’re looking for. So, don’t be afraid to think out of the box and embrace all the possibilities. Personlalised photo canvas prints are an incredibly rewarding medium of art to have in your home, and we guarantee that there’s a perfect match for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get to decorating today and see just how much you can really do with your space.

Seven Ways to Display Your Personalised Canvas Prints
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Seven Ways to Display Your Personalised Canvas Prints
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