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Spring has Sprung- Be Inspired!

Spring is in the air and the crisp autumn colours have given way to the beautiful pastels. The change of scenery to a vibrant wash of colours, the rich green of the grass and the trees, the vivid pinks, purples and the yellows of the flowers, the multi-hued shades of the sky and the sea, all signal a new beginning. Spring also signifies renewal, rebirth and openness after the harsh and stuffy winters. One of the best ways to bring in this synergy of new life and purity into your homes is to apply some redecorating ideas to make your home look fresh. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to add colour to your walls in the form of some spring canvas prints.

spring canvas prints


You can add colour to your walls by redecorating your walls with spring canvas prints. Not only are the canvas prints an affordable style statement but they can also be added to the existing walls without changing the rest of the décor. All that you need to do is choose beautiful and colourful prints that go well with your existing theme and voila, you can bring  spring indoors! You can follow a monochromatic theme with only yellow, or red (or any other colour) as the primary colour in all the prints or bring in a profusion of colours, the more the merrier.


With so many prints available online, you can select any number of prints to make individual displays or combine them together to make an eye-catching collage that can be the focal point of the room. The colours can be replicated easily in the soft furnishings to bring vibrancy to the whole room or in small bursts in some artifacts around the room. The canvas prints can also be used as a background for the glass cabinets to add a subdued effect or as wallpaper on facing walls to project a coordinated look.


Adding bold canvas prints to your room will make your room look more exotic and interesting. Whether the theme relates to nature or is abstract, the subtle accents can be made timeless and captivating. Use the canvas prints to frame windows of your living room and see the room transform in front of your eyes. Canvas prints can be used in varied ways to weave stories around some special events or to bring in some freshness to your living spaces. Whichever way you use them,  spring canvas prints can be  charming signs of spring inside your home, even when it is winter outside.

How To Be Inspired Now That Spring Is Here

With spring now here, it’s time to get inspired! The warmth of the new season filled with loads of beautiful colors is enough to want to go outside and experience everything that makes spring of the best seasons of the year. Here are some great ways to be inspired by the new season:

  1. Do a spring cleaning

Get your home ready for spring by going through it and giving it a good cleaning. Go through closets and drawers to get rid of things you don’t need, clean all the furniture to get them spotless allowing you to soak in all the beauty of a clean home when you finally open all the windows to let the sunshine in.


  1. Brighten up your décor

Get inspired by spring’s vibrant colors by brightening up your home’s décor. Add in lots of colors that are inspired by spring’s vast array of hues. Even if you’re not going to switch out all your home’s décor items, you can easily add in some bright photo canvas prints of flowers, landscapes and even some of your favorite spring photos of trips you’ve taken in spring. Adding in bright colors will elevate your mood and make your home ready for the upcoming season.


  1. Go outside

One of the best ways to get inspired for spring is to actually go outside and experience all things spring! The booming flowers, the baby animals being born, the sunny weather, etc. are all attributes of spring that you can experience. And don’t forget to take your camera to capture all of spring’s beauty. You’ll then be able to create custom canvas prints with your gorgeous spring shots to decorate your home with. Then, to brighten up someone else’s home for spring, you can create special spring canvas prints for friends and family who need some inspiration in their life using your photos with special quotes on top. They’ll love the picture and message, appreciating the thoughtful gift that brighten their day and gets them inspired for spring!

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