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What to Get the Man Who Has Everything

When you think about stressful gift shopping, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For a lot of us, it’s probably the horrific hustle of the week before Christmas. Or maybe, it’s the carnage of Black Friday. The massive crowds, people who are a little too aggressive about getting that kid’s toy, and the poor store employee just trying to not get trampled. Just thinking about it is enough to give you a mild panic attack. But those aren’t the only stressful gift shopping events. Whereas you can just avoid going to the shopping centre close to Christmas time, or you can choose to do your shopping online to avoid the crowds on Black Friday, there is absolutely nothing you can do to escape this dreaded shopping escapade. It is frightening, upsetting, and somehow always makes you feel like a horrible person. It is… shopping for a man who already has everything.  It is so stressfull that we decided to dedicate a full page for gift ideas for men.

gift ideas for men

            Everyone has that one man in their life who makes it literally impossible to buy a gift for them. They never tell you exactly what they want, and when you look at them, you don’t really think there is anything left in the world they would like that they don’t already have. But, this isn’t the case. You just have to figure out something they don’t even know that they want yet. Or, better yet, something that no one else in the world would be able to give them. So, without further ado, this is what to get the man in your life who already has everything.

The Son

            He’s probably not the most sentimental family member, but he’s easily the fussiest. There’s nothing harder than trying to please him, regardless of his age, which is why every time his birthday rolls around, or Christmas starts coming closer, you almost wish you had a daughter instead. So, rather than having to worry about what sort of name brand hoodie your son wants (but doesn’t already have and isn’t about to be given to him by another family member) or trying to find a concert he wants to go to (but isn’t already planning on attending with a friend) look for things that are more specific to his individual interests. If you know at least some of the things he likes (because he’s far too cool to tell you everything) seek out unique things such as collectors’ items that have to do with his interests, or maybe a specific event for people who are interested in that too. For example, if he’s almost too intense about how much he loves Star Wars, find a special screening to take him to, or a trivia night he could attend. You could also get a custom wall print of something he likes, or even something he’s done in the past. If you have a picture you love of him sliding into home base, drumming his heart out in the garage, or whatever it is that he enjoys doing, a customized print of that can be a great way to show him just how much you love him, and how much you support him doing the things he loves. Though he may act like it’s not a big deal, he’ll appreciate the effort you put in to show him just how much you care.  

The Brother

canvas photo collage

            Sibling relationships are interesting to say the least. Our parents chose to have us, but we never chose to have siblings, and because of this, there may have been times in your life where the last thing on your mind was making your brother happy. However, as we grow and develop, our familial relationships change. So, if you find yourself in the situation where you can finally forgive your brother for breaking your MP3 player’s speaker when you were 12, you might not be exactly sure what to get him. When in doubt, make him laugh a little about the times you had growing up. Buy him something that you may have “borrowed” from him while you were growing up and let him know that this time he can really keep it. If you’re looking for something less likely to bring up those traumatic childhood memories of possessions disappearing, never to be seen again, consider customizing something like a mug for him. Collect all those old family photos that you wish you could forget happened and make a fun picture collage on a practical object. Every time he looks at it, he’ll be reminded of the good times you had, not the time you almost killed him for ripping off the head of your favorite doll.

The Boyfriend

gifts for boyfriend

            We know that you love your boyfriend to the moon and back, and you know every single thing about him. That doesn’t mean that finding him a gift is any easier. It’s hard to find the right balance of “you’re really important to me” and “this is the cheesiest thing I’ve ever done”, which can make it hard to guarantee you’re getting him something that reflects how you really feel. Not to mention, if you live together, it’ll have to be something you can live with seeing every single day. If you’re concerned that nothing you can physically give him will show exactly how much you care, plan a fun date night, centered around his favorite things. Or, you could get together a group of friends to throw a themed party around something he enjoys. But, if you’re committed to giving him a physical gift, give him something that reflects your relationship. If you’re a sweet, sentimental couple, give him your favorite photo of the two of you, printed on something he’ll get to look at whenever he wants and reflect on how much he loves you. If your more of the comedic couple, custom make a clothing article with your favorite, funny movie quote, or an inside joke the two of you have. Either way, your gift is guaranteed to remind him why he fell for you in the first place and remind him how special he is to you.  

The Husband 

wedding collage

            Another year of marriage has gone by, and you’re starting to realize that maybe giving him a tie every year simply isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s not that he doesn’t love the ties you choose, he’s just starting to run out of space in his closet. One of the hardest parts about shopping for a husband is that there’s three times a year you have to give him a gift, maybe even four if he’s a father, and it can be hard to find something new and exciting to give him each time. He already knows how much you love him, and appreciate everything he does, but you want to find a new way to show it. One of the best ways to do this is to create a scrapbook. This gift, which you can give year after year, is a great way to catalogue all the things you did together and all the memories you made. Stuffed full of loving notes, ticket stubs, pictures, and anything else that you’ve kept from the past year. Not to mention, this is a gift you can get the whole family in on if you have kids. Have each of them write a letter or a card talking about how much their dad means to them, or even let them have a whole section of the scrapbook to draw pictures over and put in things that remind them how much their dad loves them. If you’re looking for something a bit trendier than a scrapbook, try a gift for him that’s also partially a gift for you: a print of your wedding photo. Not just a generic print from your local drug store, but something like a high-quality canvas print, or even a couple smaller ones to make your own collage on the wall. Either way, it’s a sentimental gift that you’ll both appreciate when you look at it for years to come.  

The Dad

fathers day gifts

            Dads are the backbone of a family. The person who’s watched over us from the start, and acted as a protector, advisor, and confidant, there’s probably nothing in the world that can show your dad how much he really means to you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a shot. Your dad is unique and special to you, meaning that your gift should be just as unique and personalized to your relationship. If you have the professional, goal-driven dad, try something like an office basketball set to help him calm down after a day full of business meetings. You could even customize him a clock with one of your favorite pictures of the two of you inside so that he always has something to make him smile on his worst days at work. Or, if your dad is the kind of dad who misses when you were just a kid, try to schedule a day to do all the things you used to do together when you were growing up: mini-golf, ice-cream, a drive-in movie, the zoo. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great way to show him that even though you’re not a kid anymore, you’ll always have a soft spot for the memories you made. If you’re looking for a physical gift, a you could customize a photo montage of you and your father’s funniest moments. Embracing as the pictures may have been, your dad is sure to appreciate all the laughter and memories it’ll bring up. Regardless of whatever route you chose to go, we’re sure your dad will appreciate the time and effort you put in to selecting your gift, just as you appreciate all the time and effort he put in to raising you.

The Grandpa

            There’s nothing quite like a grandpa. Whether you have a t-shirt wearing, outdoors man who love to fish, hunt, and grill, or a cardigan and puzzle loving man who watches game shows every night and reads before bed, he has been there for as long as you’ve been alive, and sometimes he almost acts like he loves you more than his own child. So, when it’s time to give grandpa a gift, you know that it has to be special. Unfortunately, since he’s lived so much longer than you, he’s had a lot more time to pick up stuff along the way. This may seem like it would make it harder to get him the gift he deserves, but you can actually use it to your advantage. After picking up all these materialistic goods along the way, you can warm your grandfather’s heart by giving him something that takes him back to a simpler time. Look through some old family photobooks and try to find some pictures of your grandpa from various points in his life where he looked happiest. From there, you can personalize almost anything. Whether it be decorative cups, a blanket, or a canvas montage, there’s no limit to all the different ways you can show your grandpa reverence for his past, the joy you feel being in his present, and the hope you feel for his future.

            We can’t magically make the men in your life who have everything tell you exactly what they want. But, the hunt for a meaningful gift can be half the fun. Regardless of if you’re looking for a sentimental gift to let him know exactly what he means to you, or something to bring a smile to his face year-round, there’s nothing more satisfying than giving a gift someone genuinely loves. So, next time you’re in a panic, clicking through page after page of Amazon products, or trying to make sense of all the different types of cologne in your local department store, remember that there’s other options. There’re infinite ways to give a custom, unique gift the man in your life is guaranteed to love. What are you waiting for? Get the gift of his dreams today.

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