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5 Photos every parent must get of their child

When a teeny tiny person arrives in your family, you would want to remember and treasure everything that they do for the first year and make as many memories as possible. Life is nothing more than a collection of beautiful moments. There are many precious little instants that you would want to preserve and cherish in the later years. When children grow up, time literally flies. You would see how they grow up from tiny little babies to toddlers, school-going to high-school going and then finally off to college so fast.

Photography is the best means to capture such moments. Over the years, when you are old and on your own, you could glance at those pictures and relive those memories. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional photographer that is totally up to you. So, which moments are the best to capture? Now you would want to seize every moment and save it, right? But you can’t be found with a camera 24/7. But certainly capturing the first haircut, first bath, first tooth, first step are some of the best moments to cherish and glimpse over later on when your child is all grown up.

So, to make it easy for you, here are the 5 photos every parent must take and add to their child’s album and Canvasdesign UK can print all your childrens photography on canvas.

Quick tip: Whenever you want to take photographs of your little one, see that your child is at ease and perfectly comfortable. When children are little, they are unpredictable and sometimes get irritated or fussy so, engaging a child in the photo shoot is a must for best results:

1.    The New-Born – childrens photography on canvas

newborn photography on canvas

The arrival. Your own little bundle of joy is here. There is no replacement of the moment when you hold your baby for the first time in your arms. Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing, exciting, and memorable time of your life.

New-borns are absolutely adorable, aren’t they? Don’t you just want them to remain just the way they are with their tiny little hands and feet? They are just perfect to look at with their teeny fingers and toes. Make sure that you don’t miss the chance to capture that moment. No matter it is you or your partner who is taking the photographs, one thing that you need to bear in mind is that clicking snaps of a new-born aren’t easy. Apart from that, you will have to be patient to get that perfect shot. Getting just the right shot is no easy feat as these little people have no idea how to pose. You can’t really instruct them on how to pose. They have no strength of their own, they are unpredictable, and you can’t really foresee their moods. So good luck!

The best pose could be of them sleeping. Whether it’s a deep slumber with their mouth shaped into an O or a grinning sleep, it doesn’t matter. Grab your camera right away and click away! Don’t forget to take the perfect aww moment of cupping those little feet in your hands. If you cannot decide on one photo, why not have a collage made up of all your favourite prints.

2.    The Family Group Photo

family photo on to canvas prints UK

This is where your creativity comes to test. You could choose a theme, get dressed according to that, and also dress the siblings the same way to get an amazing click. Or, you could merge two pictures. One with the baby bump when the baby is yet to come, and then another one when it is finally here.

Another thing that you could do is take a like daddy-like son/ like mommy-like daughter photograph. The idea is to dress up and then dress up your little one the same way or some other similarity. You could do a theme or characters from your favorite book/movie or a TV show. It would be great fun to look at it in the later years. Daddies could dress up like cowboys, bankers or make faces like each other or sleeping in the same pose. Mommies, on the other hand, could dress up as princesses, do an exercise pose or anything else. You can create a whole new persona on your own.

Another great idea is to click a picture of the three of you standing in front of the house. Pose for a photograph in front of your family’s first home.


3.    The Sibling Photograph

sibling photography on canvas prints printed in the UK

A sibling snapshot is just great, isn’t it? And it turns out perfect especially when it captures a loving moment candidly. You could capture your baby’s picture with his/her sibling. They could dress up the same or do any funny pose even. You could try the theme idea here again and choose any famous character from a comic, book, or a movie. There is a lot of room for fun and creativity in the sibling photograph such as forming a circle and lying on the grass, playing together in the yard, holding their baby brother/sister in the arms for the first time or standing in the order of ages.

4.    The Picture with Grandparents

kids and grandparent photography on canvas

Apart from parents, children get the most love and attention from their grandparent. Sometimes, even more than parents. See that you capture your little one with their older relatives like their Grand-father and Grandmother. You could even take a picture of all of you and make it the three generations in one click. Childrens photography on canvas just wouldnt be the same if it didnt include a shot with Nana and Papa.

5.    Cake Smash/Birthday Party

cake smash photo shoot

Apart from the initial birthdays of a child, it is one of the most memorable days of their lives which, they certainly cherish for years to come. Your child wouldn’t remember what their first, second, or third birthdays were like. So, why not capture those moments? Childrens photography on canvas is a great way to capture these special times. The first birthday happens to have a lot of significance in this matter.

You got to photograph your baby going wild with their first birthday cake! Plan a cake smash with them in a birthday hat and cake in front of them, let them make a mess of themselves and click that picture. A colorful backdrop would certainly make it great. Let them eat it naturally and, you would see for yourself how great it turns out.

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