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Love Heart Collage on canvas

           When you are decorating a space, whether it be your first time or your thousandth time re-doing it, there is always a million little details you have to take into consideration. What do you want the vibe to feel like? Where do you want the eye drawn to? And of course, everyone’s least favorite question; How much space do I really have? When you are feeling tight on space, it may be easy to give up on having all your meaningful, sentimental images displayed in that area. But, there is a solution other than having to put pictures of precious memories on the chopping block. Instead, look into photo collages and more specifically, love heart collage canvas prints.

love heart collage

            Yes, when you hear the words Love Heart Collage you may think back to your cringy, messy middle school efforts to cut and paste multiple photos onto the same piece of construction paper. Maybe you picture Instagram models who seem to always want to remind you that being rich is fantastic with their photo collages from countries all over the world. Whatever comes to mind, it can be easy to dismiss photo collages as childish or unorganized. However, these photo montages can be a phenomenal tool in your back pocket whether you are feeling a bit cramped on space, or just want something unique to add into any area. With customizable, high quality canvas prints, your photo collage will look dramatically better than your childhood efforts. (Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about gluing your fingers together the same way you did back then)             

            There are many perks to photo collages besides just taking up less space. If you are looking to display multiple photos, having a lot of smaller canvases can look a little bit messy and overwhelming. Since people can only take in so much stimulation at a time, some of the effects of your photos may be lost if your walls are covered in them. However, having a photo collage canvas allows you to draw a lot of the imagery into smaller, central points. This also allows you to create more of a flow in your room, letting each individual canvas have its own time to shine as someone moves through your space. This can be especially useful somewhere such as an office or university dorm room, where you already have limited space to begin with, and don’t want multiple photos to clutter prime real-estate on your desk and cabinets. Photo collages help places such as that look more organized, which in return leads to a more professional and productive feeling.   

            Another one of the perks of photo collages is the ability to create a theme within each individual collage. By clustering together pictures from various points and times in your life, you can invoke genuine emotion in your audience, and bring back important, fond memories in anyone who enters the room. One way to do this would be making photo collages of each year of your child’s life. Combining your favorite pictures of the past year into one space will not only invoke a happy, reflective feeling in you, but also give your child something positive to look back on as they grow. A collage like that could also serve as a great gift to grandparents, especially those who live further away and don’t get to see your child as much as they would like to. If you are looking for a heartfelt centerpiece for your bedroom, consider making a collage of you and your partner’s wedding. When you come home from long, frustrating days at the office, or you’re in a fight with your significant other, your wedding collage can be a great way to put things in perspective and put a little joy back into your space. Pictures can be a powerful way to create an emotional response, and photo collages make it easier than ever to remind people of the big things that matter in life; family, friendship, fun, and love.

            As we touched upon earlier, photo collages can be a fantastic gift since they allow you to capture all the feelings you want to express for a person in a limited space. Before your child goes off to university, giving them a photo collage of family pictures can remind them of the loving support they have at home waiting for them. It can serve as encouragement in the hard times and, more importantly, remind them that it’s probably time for them to call home. Another great person to give a photo collage gift to is one of your close friends. All those pictures you have of you smiling over dinner, posing in front of landmarks, and laughing over the little things in life can go to great use reminding your friends that they are more than friends. Rather, they’re your family. Regardless of who you gift them to, photo collages can be an emotional, unique way to show off your love for someone, without having to give them one hundred individual photos.

canvas collage

            So, what are you going to do with your photo collages? It’s too easy to get stuck in the boring idea that every frame and canvas are meant to only show one picture. Be willing to get creative and go against the grain. With such a multi-faceted art form, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed and not really know where to start. There’re hundreds of websites to help you plan out your collage, and see what it would look like, so don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment until you find a style that works with you and what you are trying to accomplish. Even though it may take some time and practice, everyone is capable of making a collage that they’ll cherish forever.

           Whether you are trying to conserve space, cut down on cost, or simply experiment with something new, there’s no wrong way to use Love Heart Collage prints. So, what are you waiting for? Get started making your dream collage today and see what it can do for you.

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