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Split photo to canvas prints

Split photo to canvas prints are where your single photo is split into 3 or more canvas art panels as in the preview below.

Split photo to canvas printsHave you ever seen a three-paneled canvas print and thought “That looks smart”? You must be wondering why the same picture is spread over three different canvasses. Okay, let me tell you, it is a form of contemporary art called triptych canvas art.

The simple underlying concept is to provide a wider and more detailed description of the subject in the photograph. Triptych canvasses can have endless themes and sizes.

How did it all start?

This form of canvas art started long ago. However, like any other art form its style has changed over the years. One of the few signs of its early existence was found in churches. One very famous Triptych Canvas is called “The Last Judgment.” The painting is a three-framed picture that shows Jesus Christ at the center, some people being taken to hell on the left frame and some being taken to heaven on the other side.

split photo canvas prints

What to frame?

The splitting of the frames gives us an opportunity to showcase a wider landscape. A sunrise or a sunset scene split into three frames would not only allow you to cover the entire panorama, but the colors and textures would look more vibrant and radiant. It also allows you to cover a greater area on the wall.

When these are placed one after the other or one below the other depending on the way the photo gets split, it makes the viewer imagine continuity. Similarly, you could sum-up a life story or an event by merging three pictures at different stages. Setting them in an order would mean displaying an entire story in a timeline.

Split Canvas Printing: The Perfect Adornment for Any Room

Adorning the walls of any room can prove to be a daunting task. The walls are not just big, but the paint on them gives them their own look and style. If you place something onto it, it must not take away from the whole, while also adding something to it. From posters to paintings, you can do a lot to decorate your walls. However, the best thing you can do for them is adorn them with split canvas prints. These canvas prints not only allow you to display an image, but also helps you do so in a way that gives the wall some extra feel and aesthetic.

What is a split photo to canvas prints

Split photo to canvas prints refers to the task of printing a single image onto multiple canvases rather than just one. Hence, instead of having a large canvas being home to the image you want to display, you can show off the image in a number of smaller canvases that are grouped together onto your wall. Hence, the canvas itself adds something to the wall due to its arrangement, while also showing off the image printed on it.

The process for a split canvas printing is quite simple. The image you want to be displayed is first converted into a high resolution image. The quality is enhanced and its aesthetic is improved with the magnification of quality. Then the image is divided into multiple sections and each section is printed onto a separate canvas. The canvases might be of varying sizes, with length and width being changed and the image it holds cropped with respect to the canvas size.

Furthermore, you can also choose to display multiple images in the entire split canvas arrangement. Each separate canvas can hold a separate image and they can all combine to create the split canvas arrangement.

The Benefits of Split Canvas Printing

Split canvas printing is a great thing for interior design and decoration. It covers a large area of your wall and gives you something to show off there. While a large whole canvas painting would do the same, a split canvas printing allows you to play with perspective. Different canvases of varying sizes can help you give a different perspective of the same image. Furthermore, different arrangements can be made that will allow you to play around with the very structure of the image too.

A split canvas print allows you to play with images and be creative. The result is going to beautification of your home with different perspectives, arrangements, and beautiful images that you will display using the canvases. It allows you to be creative and also show off something that you might want to in your office, home, or in your very room. It’s a great choice for decoration.

Order today and get it by tomorrow!

There is a lot to choose from and consider – the colors, textures, subjects, frames, inks for print, and the list goes on. With some professional help, you could create your very own masterpiece. Canvasdesign offer 24 hour shipping on all canvas prints and we even give you free hanging kits so that your canvas goes on the wall perfect, first time, every time.

triptych canvas art prints

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