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Metal Prints: Our Favorite New Wall Art Trend

            There comes a time in every homeowner’s life where you realize you need to change the wall art in your home. Maybe the realization comes after noticing that you have been staring at the same art for the past decade. Maybe it comes when you notice a piece that you almost forgot that you owned. But, not matter where it comes from, you’ll know when it’s time for a change.

metal prints

            So, as you start to look for new pieces to replace the old, there are a couple of different options. As always, there is the tried and true forest painting, the artistic butterfly sketch, and the slightly awkward family photo. Though none of these are exactly unique, there is something oddly comforting in never trying anything new with your home décor. However, if you are looking to break out of the mold of the traditional, suburban art scheme, there is no better time than now, and there is no better trend than this.

Why Metallurgy Prints?

            Metallurgy prints may not exactly sound glamorous (it doesn’t exactly have that soft, artistic ring to it that the word “portrait” does) but it has become a fast spreading trend across the UK and even worldwide. Unlike traditional canvas printing, which is a fabric print with a thick frame to support it, metallurgy prints are images captured on a durable aluminum sheet, making for a longer last product. It may be hard for you to picture a perfectly captured image printed spotlessly on a sheet of metal. However, metallurgy prints are a highly refined art form that appear just as detailed and focused as the original picture taken.

            Metallurgy is especially good for black and white prints, as the texture of the metal is dramatically more emphasized with the lack of color. However, many people have found it just as rewarding to have bright, vividly colored aluminum prints in their household as well. There are so many different things to love about metallurgy prints, starting with their incredibly bold nature. These are meant to be statement pieces and add a sense of dramatic edge into your space. They have an incredible radiant-like quality that is unique only to metallurgy prints and can’t be replicated in any other form of art. In addition to these amazing features, these prints are remarkably durable, no matter where you choose to hang them. The precisely cut aluminum composite panels come with high end UV ray protection, meaning that you can decorate with your product anywhere in your house, and never have to worry about the quality deteriorating over time

How to Decorate with Metallurgy Prints

            Since metallurgy prints don’t look like their traditional canvas print counterparts, it can be easy to assume there are not many options on how to decorate with them. However, that is simply not true. Aluminum metal prints can be used in a variety of ways to add unique affects to many different parts of your house.

            The most obvious way to decorate with your print is just hanging it on the wall. However, since this is meant to be a statement piece, one of the things we recommend is hanging it from a statement wall. If you have any walls in your house that are a different color than the others, that can be a great place to put your print. However, make sure that the colors in the print don’t clash with the wall, and that your print supports the overall vibe you are going for in your room. Another fun way to simply hang metallurgy prints is to place them somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight. In an area such as across from a window, your print’s radiant quality will be front and center for anyone walking by, highlighting the uniqueness of your piece.

            Another fun idea for decoration is leaning your aluminum print in a corner of the room, or up against a piece of furniture. Your wall art doesn’t have to be limited to only the wall. By decorating in this method, you create a fun surprise for house guests to find, while also adding more depth to your room. This can be an especially good method for more abstract, nature themed prints, as it can help create an aesthetically pleasing vibe in the space and bring some of the fun components of the outdoors inside.

            No matter how you choose to decorate with your aluminum metal prints, make sure you find something that breathes life into your room. Since you are choosing a creative, unique art form, it is only fitting that you do something fun with it. Don’t be afraid to let yourself experience with different places, angles, and perspectives. Half the fun of getting new art is finding a new way to display it, so take your time and find the creative option that works best for you.  

Where can I get Metallurgy Prints from?

Due to the increasing popularity of metallurgy prints, it’s easier than ever to find a wide variety of sellers online. However, there’s a couple of things that we would prioritize when choosing someone to do business with. When trying to find a reputable seller, look for things such as experience, recognition from outside sources, and fair pricing. Also, if you’re looking for customizable, one of a kind prints, make sure you find a company that’s willing to let you upload your own photos and design your own piece.

Canvas Design is the premier UK vendor for metallurgy prints. Starting as low as £17, there’s no better place to create your ideal aluminum metal print. Regardless of what you’re looking to print, Canvas Design is committed to always using the most durable material and high-quality imagery, guaranteeing a product that will be an incredible addition to any living space, regardless of size. So, weather you’re looking to print a family photo, some wedding photography, or anything else in between, there’s no better website to shop at than Canvas Design.

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