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Tips to Choose the Perfect Picture for Your Canvas Prints

Are you excited about putting some of your favorite pictures on your wall at home? You must be thinking creatively how to make it look unique and classy. Well, we will be discussing some incredible tips for you to put your best photos on to canvas. It will make the entire picture more valuable and realistic. You might want to relive a nostalgic moment through those beautiful pictures of yours with your loved ones. To make it look different, you can try putting your picture in a canvas print and hang it on your picture wall. It will make the ambiance of your lounge more cozy.

Canvas Printing is Attractive:

Canvas printing is an attractive way to put pictures in your home or office. It gives a grand and classy look to the ambiance of the room it is placed in. This has become more of a trend now as many people find it to be beautiful and a realistic way to portray the picture and make it look more enhanced and glorifying to watch. It also adds value to the décor and makes it stand out by complimenting other decoration pieces and the color of the room. These are some of the reasons why Canvas Printing has become more popular than traditional printing. More and more people are adopting this trend with each passing day as they find it to be a practical way to put pictures in their houses.

Tips on Choosing the Right Photo:

To put your picture on a canvas, make sure you choose the right photo for the canvas print. This will make sure that your picture fits perfectly. Once your picture fits accurately, it will enhance the beauty of the picture more, giving it a more realistic look. That is why you should follow these steps for perfect canvas printing:

  • Choose a good quality photo for your canvas printing:

Many old digital print companies pick out vintage images and try to enhance them and edit them in a way that looks a bit improved for canvas printing. But most of the time, these pictures do not look nice and attractive. That is why it is important to first choose the best quality picture for your canvas printing. Choose those pictures that have a high pixel density of around 150-33ppi. The sharper the picture, the more realistic it will look on the canvas. Choose pictures that are clear and are focused correctly. This easily adjusts the picture and will not make it look blur. It is not easy to edit and fix unclear and unfocused shots. If you try to do so, the resolutions will be a complete mess. So, always choose a quality picture so that it can be easily fixed through canvas printing.

  • Pick the correct size and shape of the canvas:

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind while choosing the canvas. Make sure you know the accurate shape and size of the canvas that will easily fit your picture. With a portrait, a vertical canvas is always the best option for canvas printing. Landscape pictures should always be fixed in a horizontal canvas. This will focus the picture perfectly and will make the center alignment to adjust perfectly.C

  • Make sure to check the size of your photo:

You should know the size of your photo which you will be providing for canvas printing. This will also help you in choosing the correct size of the canvas. You can simply do this by using a computer. Since we all have our pictures saved on our phones or laptops now, we can check the size of our pictures by clicking on the given option of ‘properties’. This will even tell us the resolution of the picture, how high or low it is and whether it is perfect for canvas printing or not. We have these options available for our convenience; we just have to act smart to use them effectively.

From what other places can you choose your photo?

Now, this has been a common query for many newbies. You can choose your photos from where ever you have saved them, or even from where you have posted them on any of your social media accounts. You can choose your photos from your phone’s gallery and transfer to your computer, either through email or Whatsapp. You can even pick one of the fan-favorite photos of yours from Facebook as well. Transfer them to your computer to check the size and the resolution of the photo; whether it is a perfect fit for canvas printing or not. This will even help you to check the resolution and sharpness of the pixels.

Does Canvas Printing Enhance the Ambiance of the home?

A canvas print enhances and beautifies the ambiance of any home. It surely gives an attractive look, as discussed above. It makes your picture wall look realistic and practical by adding some real colors and shades in the picture, which adds value to your place. Make sure that the picture you choose is of a perfect size and shape according to the room, and it should contrast the color of the room to make it look more attractive.

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