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Photos from ⁠⁠⁠Roddlesworth Woods Darwen

One of Darwen’s finest Veteran runners was out on the moors this morning and decided to send in some of his photo shots of Roddlesworth Woods, Tockholes –  Darwen.

Mick Leigh, also from Darwen, Lancashire was kind enough to share his photos with us.

Roddlesworth Woods Darwen Roddlesworth Woods Tockholes Darwen Lancashire Tockholes Woods Tockholes Roddlesworth woods

Roddlesworth Woods Darwen

Roddlesworth Woods in Tockholes, Darwen is probably the less visited of the two woods in our area, Sunnyhurst woods being the more popular. There are some great paths to run and walk along and spectacular views in Roddlesworth Woods, especially at this time of year.  The main pathway from the reservoir up to the outer path has just been totally resurfaced as is a much improvement on the old path.

This is especially good news for all the runners as there is no more running through the boggy pathway and your feet are dry at the other side. United Utilities have also put down some new grass that assists in the drainage of the land. The grass is “sprayed” on apparently and when it is done at first is very blue in colour. After a few weeks, the grass takes to the land and the colour becomes a more natural grass green colour.

There are still some “boggy” paths if you venture away from the beaten track and wellies are definately recommended.

The main entrances to the woods are on Tockholes road but there are other entrances available from the Abbey Village side.

Also hidden deep in the heart Roddlesworth Woods are the ruins of an ancient manor house in the old township of Tockholes that was largely rebuilt by John Hollinshead in the late 1770s.

In Victorian times, Hollinshead Hall and its estate was sold to the Darwen Mill owner Eccles Shorrock until it was finally demolished in 1910 by Liverpool Corporation, which had linked its Rivington and Anglezarke Reservoirs with the smaller Roddlesworth Reservoirs via the waterway known as the Goit.

If you head through the woods right to the other side, Great Hill and Winter Hill can be accessed and make for a fantastic Saturday morning run or stroll which our Elite runner, Mick Leigh often likes to do.

If you have any pictures you would like to share with us of Roddlesworth or indeed any pictures of any of our local land marks, please get in touch and email them to us at

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Roddlesworth Woods Darwen
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