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Amazing ideas for wall art in your office

If you are someone who loves his job, it wouldn’t be completely unfitting on our part to assume that you spend most of your time in the office and are always browsing through ideas that will enhance the overall setting. More than anything else, we can relate how you want your coop to be appealing, convivial and a hotspot that inspires you to conceive brilliant ideas and perceive even the most ordinary things with a tinge of novelty. Well, the truth being said, no matter how beautifully you decorate the rest of the space, if the walls are left blank, the entire décor will fall flat on its face and hold back your zest from surfacing.

If you are wondering what can be done to transform the monotony of the office into something intriguing and stimulating then let us tell you that wall art is undoubtedly your ultimate resort. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to renovate every wall in your office; rendering colors to some of them while keeping the others muted to balance the manifestations will work fine. Trust when we say that the wall art will pose as the epicenter of your office and for all the right reasons. It will instantly make way for visual interest, add bolts of color to the mundane corners and grant it an exhilarating finishing touch.

Thus, if you are looking for some inspiration to get the ball of wall art for your office rolling, here are a few ideas that can be helpful.

  • Framed fabric
wall art

The term frame fabric will hardly ring any bells in your mind because enclosing a piece of decorative textiles in a frame is not something that would commonly come across. Striking colors, unconventional patterns, and simple and relatable designs are some of the distinguishing components of framed fabric. Honestly, if you diligently look for it and find the right models, you will be inevitably startled by the versatility and sense of the uniqueness that these pieces can bring about in your office.

You can either search online or explore your nearest fabric store to land on something that complies with your requirements. Once you have the pieces of cloth at hand, frame them into different shapes and sizes. If you want, you can frame a single large strip of the fabric or cut them into smaller pieces and frame them individually only to place them adjacently along a straight line on the wall. Bear in mind that the frame you choose must in some way or the other have relevance to the fabric because otherwise, the arrangement will look out-of-place. The thumb rule is to always follow the principle of mix and match; meaning, if the fabric is bright and bold, the frame should be simple and vice versa.

  • Canvas wall art

According to us, canvas wall art is truly an easy way to adorn the walls of your workspace. They are easily available and most importantly, narrate something new each time you look at them hence, assuring to multiply your levels of productivity. If are baffled about where to start this journey from then here’s a thought: why don’t you commence by transferring some of the photos from your collection on to the canvas? There are innumerable companies out there that offer a wide selection of preconceived templates and at the same time will you to personalize your canvas. Nevertheless, if you want the canvas to get printed, be certain of two things. Firstly, the company should be a reputed one that identifies and correlates with the designs that you are communicating and whose yields are long-lasting. Secondly, their prices should be affordable and yet, generates the product within a reasonable span from placing the order.

Glance through the distinct colors, shapes, and prints that can be worked upon to formulate the final result instead of randomly choosing any.

  • Tapestries

A tapestry is inexorably as good as a framed fabric and canvas wall art and additionally, injects the much-needed warmth and homeliness into space. Just like all its contemporaries, tapestries too come in variable styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, and sizes. If you are lucky enough, you might just come across the classic ones that are handmade or have patchwork, are jacquard, Bohemian and tie-dye simply because these styles ideally resonate with the spirit and appeal of the art. 

If you are to take our opinion, we would suggest you hang the tapestries on curtain rods or can even get them framed with a wall trim. There are incalculable wall trims available to make your pick from. All you will have to do is ensure that the size of the trim and the frame fits seamlessly with one another.

  • Mirrors

If you follow some lifestyle bloggers on any of the social media sites, you will see their homes cladded with mirrors of all sizes on their walls. Mirrors reflect the right amount of light to brighten up the area, create an illusion of depth and open space, all of which add up to create the illusion of a bigger office than what it actually is. Therefore, if your office is relatively small and somewhat congested, put up mirrors to initiate the delusion of maximized space.

The best part of hanging a mirror on the wall lies in its frame and other decorative components. They endow a clean and modern look to the entire site and recuperate its vitality. For instance, if you are looking forward to fashioning a vintage look, go for a mirror that has a wooden or rot iron frame. Also, be careful about the spot that the mirror is to be hooked at; preferably place it opposite to a window that receives a generous share of the sunlight.

  • A chalkboard

Have a green chalkboard in your office placed on the wall behind your chair, like we used to have in the classrooms of our schools. A wooden casing for the chalkboard is favorable as it upholds the antique touch of the object and will thereby, brilliantly vibe with your workspace. Leave the board blank and incline towards colored chalks whenever you have something important to write on it. you can have some pieces of the chalks placed on the ledge on the bottom of the board or in a tiny, aesthetic bucket right beside it.

  • A living wall

Setting up a living wall in your office will not only reduce the carbon footprints emitted from your office but, also make it more captivating and alluring. Here too, you will have a broad pallet of options to choose from; these recourses include the type of plant, the size of the pot for it to be planted in and the way in which it is to be hanged on the wall. You can have unrelated shelves with three slabs right in the middle of the wall; on the topmost block, there can be three small pots of succulents while the middle one can hold books and other decorative objects.

The reason why we are swaying towards succulents here is that they do not require water to thrive and can survive even with the least amount of maintenance. Other alternatives are begonias, ivy, moss, and mints. If you are not familiar with the characteristics of the plant you are choosing, first find out how tall they will grow because if the walls of your office have limited space, adjusting the tub in the constricted dimensions will become problematic.

  • Vintage artifacts

If you are an ardent lover of artistic objects just like us, you will be inescapably drawn towards vintage artifacts that look like they have an album of fascinating chronicles sustained with unblemished sincerity. The good news is that you don’t even have to rigorously search for them; simply step into a local thrift or antique store and you can pick anything your heart desires. It can be a massive wall clock or a tiny sand timer to be placed on one of the shelves we spoke about in the preceding section. Another thing that you can do is collect some of the rusted street signs, storefront signs, plates or advertisements that can be directly suspended on the wall to open doors to a traditional panache.

Set a generous budget before heading to shop these charms because often the most imperfect and unexpected items make for the quirkiest and elegant wall art.

The bottom line

Custom coloured canvas

As far as decorating the walls of your office is concerned, the alternatives you have are almost limitless. But, the catch is, to make out which of them will suit your purposes the best and maximize the flamboyance of space, you will have to work out a few sets of permutation and combination that includes the latest trends of the industry and your personal taste and preferences. Also, take into account your visions regarding the same. This will surmise whether you want a simple or functional wall or a decorative and glamorous one.

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