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Kitchen and Bathroom Canvas Art

Kitchen and Bathroom Canvas Art

We know that every homeowner wants to make his home look perfect. There are so many dreams and expectations associated with home development projects. People are always excited to find best décor elements to enhance the overall appeal of their house.

Although it may be easy to put some influential and attractive décor elements in the living room and bedrooms, there are two most important parts of the home that require special attention. Yeah! We are talking about the kitchen and bathroom. These are some of the most used spaces of every home and are required to be highly functional. Hence, it is important to consider some of the most creative and innovative ideas to adjust the layout of your bathroom and kitchen.

If you are planning to design a new home or are working on a renovation project; the article below will be more helpful for you. Here we are going to throw light on kitchen and bathroom art ideas to help you create a welcoming appeal at your home.

Bathroom Canvas Art

Kitchen and Bathroom Canvas Art: Everything you need to know

In modern houses, one of the most commonly used kitchen décor elements is wall art. They are preferred by most of the homeowners because they are easy to install; moreover, they can enhance the overall appeal of the plain kitchen walls. Experts recommend installing kitchen wall art with a personalized touch. There are a variety of canvas art ideas that you can look for to enhance overall décor of your kitchen; the list includes split canvas, framed canvas and regular canvas as well.

 Bathroom Canvas Art

From the past few years, people are more attracted to split canvas artworks. They are basically some large images, separated into three different sections of rectangular-shaped canvases. These three frames are installed next to each other while maintaining an elegant flow of the artwork. Some of you may even like to install canvas prints with minimalistic details; the examples include coffee-related art or wine-related art. The best thing to know about canvas kitchen artworks is that they are available in a variety of size and design ranges. You can easily pick the one that suits the existing décor of your kitchen. Some people also use these artworks for special celebrations and occasions as well. The latest canvas materials are highly durable, and they ensure long-lasting service in the cooking areas.

Planning about kitchen layout:

Whether you have designed your home following traditional flow or it is finished with a modern appeal; the overall décor of the area can be decided based on the layout. The modern kitchens are usually open with a direct connection to the living room or other parts of the home, whereas the traditional designs used to have a separate kitchen area. While designing a new home, people determine kitchen décor depending upon the appliances and things they want to install in this area. Some of the most important elements are sink, cooking stove and refrigerator. The experts consider them as work triangle and decide rest of the layout depending upon their positioning. The ultimate style and layout of the kitchen must be decided to ensure the best use of limited space.

  • Galley layout:

If we talk about the galley kitchen layout, the work areas are basically distributed in such a way that the kitchen has a walkway in-between. Such kitchens have a parallel arrangement which is suitable for small spaces. Depending upon the requirement, these kitchens can have so many shelves and cabinets.

  • L-shaped:

The second best option available for kitchen layout is L-shaped where two work areas are attached to the same wall, and the third one is kept in a perpendicular direction to that. Such types of kitchens are more suitable for homes with small families, but they usually occupy more space.

  • U-shaped:

The third idea is designing a U-shaped kitchen where all three work areas are placed across three different walls. Such layouts are suitable only if you have a larger kitchen space. Such kitchens may have more cabinets and shelves with a spacious arrangement.

  • Island layout:

Island kitchen layouts are also inspired by U-shaped kitchens; however, they provide more work area with highly functional arrangements. The work areas are connected to each other with a spacious arrangement while distributing cabinets and shelves throughout the kitchen. These kitchens have more storage space with wide countertops so that homemakers can work efficiently.

Storage spaces and appliances:

The rising demands for storage spaces and appliances are the main reason why most of the people consider remodelling their kitchen area. Sometimes, the creative home chefs also require more area to stock their recipes, or they may even need more tools for making a variety of dishes.

Having a kitchen remodelled as per the unique cooking requirement may ensure higher functionality. Some of the most common appliances required in modern homes are refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, toaster, and oven. However, few of you may also require space for dishwasher, steamer, warming drawer as well. Hence, the layout and artwork must be planned accordingly.

Type of materials used:

While deciding about the Kitchen and Bathroom Canvas Art, it is also important to consider the materials used for the kitchen floor and wall claddings. Experts advise choosing materials that are resistant to hot oil, water and steam. They must be capable enough to withstand high temperature and moisture without leaving any annoying signs of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the kitchen materials must be easy to clean, and it should be capable enough to withstand cleaning process. The materials should not be reactive to chemical cleaning agents. Some of the most commonly recommended materials for the kitchen décor are wood, metal, marble and ceramics. With all such options, you can have plenty of unique ideas for kitchen remodelling and designing.

The impact can be further enhanced by using unique colour schemes. It is also possible to customize the appeal depending upon the rest of the home décor. While decorating your kitchen, you should not just work on enhancing the wall décor; rather, it is also important to put details on the countertops as well. In this way, you can avoid the cluttered appeal while ensuring clean, warm and soft finish.

One can also think about unique lighting arrangements to enhance the overall appeal. It is possible to adjust light focusing on specific areas, or you can think of installing pendant lights. They are generally hanged from the ceiling with the additional support of chain, cord, or rod. Such type of lights looks more appealing in the Island kitchen layouts. Track lighting is usually uncommon, but they add more beauty to the contemporary style kitchens.

Bathroom Art: Everything you need to know

kitchen art

Bathrooms are probably some of the unavoidable parts of every house, and they require more personalized touch to ensure more comfort. This is the first destination to which people wake up every morning; hence, this space must be mood-enhancing and innovative. The most amazing new about bathroom decors is that you can create the finest arrangements even while spending less. It does not require intensive renovation arrangements; rather, you have to handle a few basic things, and the overall functionality can be improved. One can even think of adding a small piece of art on one of the walls or install a unique theme-oriented wallpaper on the walls to boost the overall appeal.

You will be happy to hear that canvas prints are not just recommended for the bathrooms only; rather, they can also be installed in the office, libraries, living room, restaurants, shops, art galleries and museums as well. Having these artworks at bathroom may enhance the comfort level while bringing you more peace of mind. It works more like a daily dose of art with a relaxing touch.

There are two types of canvas arts that can be used in bathrooms; one is canvas prints, and the other is canvas paintings. The first ones are created using inkjet printers, whereas the second ones are designed with the help of acrylic paints. After printing the image on the canvas, it can be stretched to achieve any frame size. People find canvas prints more attractive to add good vibes in the home.

Here we have listed some of the best ideas for bathroom wall art:

  • Statement or verses:

These are modern pieces of wall art that basically display some sentence, phrase or lines. They can be from your favourite movie or some motivational details that can boost your morale up every morning. People love to install verses when they wish to get reminded that they are being loved. Or, you can even add more creative elements to these wall arts to make them look more entertaining.

  • Personalized pictures:

One can also think of installing some beautiful family pictures in the bathroom. They just look creative and fill your heart with loads of love. You can choose pictures from your recent family outdoor trip or some achievement that is worth memorable. The photos can be printed to a large canvas depending upon the availability of space in your bathroom.

  • Abstract or geometric designs:
bathroom art

Another amazing addition to your bathroom décor can be abstract or geometric artwork. You can find them in many unique colours and variable size ranges. Make sure you choose something that is more mood-enhancing and leaves a positive impact for the day ahead.

While planning your bathroom artwork installations, it is also important to consider the undetachable partner; that is the toilet. They are inseparable, and you have to plan the décor considering them both. The best news for homeowners is that canvas prints are not restricted to bathroom areas only; rather, they can be extended to the toilet as well. You just have to do some brainstorming to finalize the best décor element; it must be refreshing, lovely and entertaining. You can think of personalized pictures or portraits; some people love to install abstract arts and geometric designs.

Some of the most attractive options for your bathroom-toilet décor are:

  • Landscapes:

They are known for their visible features and integrated designs. You can pick the sceneries of your favourite holiday spot or install the landscape that you visited recently. You can make it as large as to cover the bathroom and toilet area in a single image.

  • Maps:

Some people love to install maps in the bathroom areas. They are some of the most engaging and creative illustrations for your toilet and bathroom wall art. You can decide the map depending upon the regions, objects, themes or cultures. There are so many exciting things to highlight.

While making a selection for your Kitchen and Bathroom Canvas Art, it is always important to be more careful about design, dimensions, size and cost as well. You can also make a decision about whether to install framed versions or non-framed.

The minimalistic designs are gaining more popularity these days. You can be more creative with the colour elements and shapes. Note that, the durability of the wall art usually depends upon the material you use. While installing artwork in the bathroom area, one should always make sure that selected material can withstand temperature and moisture. Other than this, the artwork must be conversational with the ability to enhance energy and mood. The design reflections must add a positive impression on your mind every morning.


You have gone through the detailed guide to installing Kitchen and Bathroom Canvas Art works along with few essential details to enhance their overall appeal. One needs to be more careful while finalizing layout because all other design ideas depend upon this initial decision. The selections must be made depending upon your lifestyle and routine habits. Make sure you get the consent of all your family members for making decisions about these installations so that the ultimate décor can bring happiness to the entire family. The experts in the home décor field can guide you about the best available material and design options in the market. So, it is time to get creative with your design ideas to make your home look more beautiful and appealing. Order today for 25% off

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