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Cheap Canvas Prints: Everything You Need to Know

cheap canvas prints

There is nothing more amazing than watching some of the best memories of your lifetime again and again. Pictures and videos that we shoot with our camera and smartphone remind us of those beautiful days even after many years have passed. But keeping those images packed in the hard disk is not a good idea at all. Rather, one should find ways to display them at home so that you can cherish those happy hours every day. How? Well, the best idea is to put the best pictures of your life on to canvas and hang them on the walls of your home.

Yeah! It is possible to create personalised custom canvas prints to display a burst of happiness. You can have an eye-catching display of school photos, family vacations and commercial events. This is one of the most artistic ways to improve the interior decor whilst creating an impression on every visitor. However, before installing canvas prints at your home, some of you may need to know more about this technique. Well, go through the article below, and it will help you to make an informed decision.

What are Canvas Prints?

First of all, canvas prints should not be confused with canvas printing. It is basically an image printed on canvas with the help of inkjet printers. When printed, the canvas can be stretched to larger frames. Many people prefer framed canvas prints; however, others go for the frameless border. Experts recommend using gallery wrapping technique for creating unframed canvas prints. While following this process, the canvas is wrapped around well-designed stretcher bars and then secured over the frame.

Some people get confused among acrylic prints, mounted prints and canvas prints. Note that mounted print is basically a paper print attached to the backing board. The main aim of this print is to preserve beautiful images and prepare them for hanging on the walls. On the other side, an acrylic print is all about the printing of images on photographic papers. Experts place an image between acrylic sheets that are widely known as Plexiglass. As compared to all other methods, custom photo canvas prints are known for their artistic feel. However, they offer similar appearance to that of acrylic and oil paintings.

What is the material of Canvas?

canvas material

Canvas is a durable and strong fabric which is made up using hemp. However, for the modern versions of canvas prints, many people now prefer linen and cotton as well. Most of the home-based canvas prints make use of polyester or cotton material. You can observe the considerable difference in colour depending upon the fabric used; however, the outer surface is usually designed using synthetic polyester strands. People love polyester prints more because they are bright and long-lasting.

You can choose the material based on the ultimate look you desire and the amount you wish to spend. In the case of museums, it is usually preferred to pick cotton prints as they offer high-quality appeal. However, polyester is a more affordable and reliable option for home. It also leads to more colourful and bold prints.

Different Types of Canvas Print Layouts:

Canvas choices vary depending upon the layout and space available on your wall. In case if you are looking for the best type of canvases to highlight your interior décor, it is better to go through the details below.

  • Single canvas: If you are decorating the smaller spaces at your home, it is better to go ahead with the single canvas prints. They can create a perfect feel for the premises without making it look too crowded.
  • Multi-panel canvas: In case if you are planning to decorate a larger space, big walls in the living room, it is better to go ahead with multi-panel canvas prints. You can use two, three or even ten canvases together to enhance the overall appeal of the space.

It is possible to order cheap photo canvas prints online in multiple size and shapes from at cheapest rates in UK. You can pick something that fits perfectly into your space. Here we are going to talk about some of the best options available in the market:

  • Square: As the name indicates, these canvas prints have equal lengths on all sides. This shape is the best choice for developing a grid layout on the wall. You can also balance the larger walls with multiple square-shaped canvases.
  • Rectangular: Rectangular canvas prints are basically designed with two longer sides, and the other two are shorter than these. These prints are an amazing choice for walls and can be used to cover unequal space on horizontal and vertical walls. These shapes are widely preferred for filling asymmetrical layouts.

Some people also prefer to create customized shapes to achieve the desired appeal at their home. The size of these canvas prints can also be varied as per the available space on the walls. The mini-sized canvas prints are suitable for creating decorative bedside collections. Some of the most common sizes are 4×4, 4×6, 6×6, and 5×7. The 4×4 makes a tiny square that can fit on the corners of the bookshelves. The 4×7 size may be suitable for the bedside tables and desks. You can pick 6×6 square sized canvas prints for bathroom and other small spaces. However, the 5×7 size is widely recommended for bedroom and stairways.

The small to medium-sized customphoto canvas prints are for suitable for filling bedroom walls. They are usually available in the size range of 8×10, 10×10, 10×20, 11×14, 12×12 and 14×16. The larger one is more suitable for creating portraits, wedding pictures, and holiday collections. Other than this, you can pick large or oversized canvas prints for living rooms and galleries. Some of the most commonly recommended options are 20×20, 20×24, 24×24, 24×36, 30×40, and 36×36.

What are the popular designs for cheap canvas prints?

You will be happy to hear that cheap photo canvas prints can be easily customised to meet specific design and layout requirements. Some of the most widely preferred options are modern canvas prints that are known for their unique shapes, bold colours and stunning appeal. Some of you may even love to create family photo galleries; these prints can have images from holidays, get-togethers and fun hours with kids. The abstract designs are more popular for the minimalistic and modern interior.

You may also love to create a decorative canvas with some meaningful quotes that can help to brighten up space. These canvases are a more valuable choice for workspace and study room. Families that have pets at home may love to create canvas loaded with the special photographs of their furry friend. Few other options for personalised photo canvas prints include landscapes, sceneries, rivers and mountains. You can find some attractive designs online or prefer to create customized one using photos captures in your camera. Map designs are other creative option for kid’s room.

Benefits of choosing canvas prints over other décor ideas:

Although there are several décor options in the market, one should look for the most reliable idea to create a stunning appeal at home. Below we have listed a few amazing benefits of using canvas prints over all other options in the market:

Professional appearance:

One of the biggest reasons to choose canvas printing over any other décor option is their professional appeal. As the name indicates, these prints do not have heavy gloss. You can expect stunning finish of every colour on the frame. It is even possible to create custom appeal for your living room and bedroom walls. In case if you dint like random posters, it is better to create unique art galleries by using your own collection of images. You can decide about the size, proportion and layout of the canvas.

Ease of design:

There are so many advanced tools that can help you create canvas prints just within two minutes. You can pick some pre-decided, pre-selected shapes or go ahead with the unique options. It is possible to order cheap canvas prints online, and they will reach your doorstep just within a few business days. Online buying option can save much of your time, money and energy, and still, you can have the best designs at your home. Look for the custom design options online to enhance the overall appeal of the prints.

Durable and stunning:

Canvas prints are designed using sturdy materials, and they can serve you for years ahead. The canvas prints provide enhanced durability; these layouts can enhance décor at your home for years. Whether you install them at art galleries, offices or museums, their existence can be cherished for centuries ahead. You can pick many unique designs as per the available space on the walls. It is even possible to create multi-panel designs using different shapes of canvas prints.

bathroom Canvas art

Cherish memories for years:

You can create stunning canvas prints from your holiday photographs and enjoy happy feelings every day at home. These canvases can have images from your family get-togethers, wedding celebrations, birthday parties and school functions. You can also create unique artwork of your growing child’s images. The large landscape type of  photo canvas prints can help you cherish memories in the long run. Prefer to estimate the canvas size ranges as per the overall space available on the wall. Collage prints are another great choice for living rooms; you can create a special canvas using your childhood pictures or vacation collections.

Affordable solution:

How can we forget to discuss this amazing benefit of installing canvas prints at home? People prefer these designs more as compared to other traditional décor options because of their higher affordability. You can pick some interactive tools online to customize canvas print designs. The prints can be taken out in framed and without framed version as well. You can pick appeal as per the available space at your home.

No humidity:

There is no need to worry about the humidity in the atmosphere. The canvas prints are designed using high-quality materials, and they can be hanged on the walls with ease. There is no need to worry about environmental factors while using these prints. They can sustain rainy seasons and humid atmosphere with ease. Even if you hang them on living room walls for years, they can maintain their originality for years ahead.

Life like appeal:

Another amazing thing to know about canvas prints is that they offer lifelike appeal at home. You can choose some creative colour options and materials to enhance the practicality of the décor. They are light in weight and can be carried with ease while moving to the new home. The colours are permanent, and the texture can stay beautiful for years ahead. Moreover, you can think of creating these canvas prints with attractive borders and without borders as well.

Key Takeaway:

Whether you are designing a new home or are making efforts to renovate the old house, it is good to look for some creative décor options. Canvas prints are one of the best choices to improve the overall appeal of the house. You can pick unique designs, materials and size options.

Cheap photo canvas prints from can serve you for years while enhancing the overall appeal of the home. These prints are also suitable for office areas and art galleries as well. You can choose some of the best images of your family, pets and friends and print them on a large canvas. You can go online and check the latest options for canvas prints. Make sure you decide designs and size as per the available space at your home. Some motivational quotes are also a great choice for the study room, and kids play area.

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