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Christmas Canvas Print Ideas for Gifts

christmas canvas print ideas

This year has been filled with challenges, anticipation, and uncertainty. It’s hard to make plans as our local, national, and global situations are in flux. The rules around who we can see safely, and who we can’t, is changing all the time. And while we still can’t predict what the Christmas holidays will entail, we can still plan out thoughtful, bespoke gifts for our friends and family no matter where they are in the world.

The most memorable gifts we receive are thoughtful and sentimental. In a year in which we’ve felt both further and closer to our loved ones than ever before, the ideal gift is one that shows how much you adore them, and allows them to feel closer to you. This Christmas, why not gift your loved ones with a canvas print from Canvas Designs? A custom canvas is the perfect way to show you care and brighten up the homes our loved ones are spending so much time in. To help you find ideas for what to print on your canvases, here are 8 of our most popular ideas:

8 Christmas Canvas Ideas to Make Your Christmas Brighter

1: Custom Photo Canvas of You & Your Loved Ones

Many people feel nostalgic for a simpler time when socialising was easier, and spending time with family was taken for granted. Gift a friend or relative with a beautiful canvas photo of the two of you; they can look at that photo and be reminded of a happy time when you saw more of each other and look forward to the future when we live like that once more.

2: Canvas Prints for Kids!

If you have children, you’ll know that they grow up fast, and anyone who is involved in your kids’ lives will surely appreciate a photo of them this year! Photos aren’t just sentimental, though; they serve to remind us how our children looked, what clothes they wore and what haircuts they had. Your family will love this visual time capsule, and they can look back on it and feel proud of your little ones! Children’s photo canvas prints or canvas prints for kids can be wonderful Christmas gift.

mini easel canvas prints

#3: Custom Artwork Photo Canvas Print

If you or your loved one have a favourite artist, you could commission them to make a bespoke piece of artwork and then get Canvas Designs to print it onto canvas. This doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds; there are thousands of digital downloads available, or you can find a piece by an independent artist on Etsy and then get that printed onto a canvas! The possibilities are endless and you can gift something truly unique.

4: A Collage

If you’re struggling to find a gift for the person who seems to have everything already or has several interests that you can’t pin down? A collage is perfect for that person! We offer photo collage canvas prints of all formats, shapes and sizes, which could be the perfect gift for a partner, friend or adoring grandparents who want to see a selection of photos from throughout the year or years. Why not talk to other members of the family to get photos from them, too? This could be the perfect gift for a vulnerable family member who has had to stay isolated this year.  

5: Pet Photo Canvas Prints

Anyone with a pet knows how close they are to our hearts! If you’re searching for a present for someone who loves their furry friend, look no further! A gorgeous pet photo canvas print of their dog, cat, bunny, or guinea pig (past or present) will go down a treat this Christmas. 

6: A Picture of a Special Location 

buckingham palace london

This option is brilliant if you’re looking for a gift for a partner. If you’re married and got engaged somewhere interesting or had a destination wedding, a canvas print of that location may be a perfect choice. Or, even if your partner loves to travel and you know their favourite holiday destination, you can get an image of that location printed. They can use it to remind them that life will resume again soon, and you can both enjoy a wonderful holiday again in the future!

7: Your Own Artwork!

We’ve all found ourselves with a little more time on our hands lately, and you may have picked up a new skill or two during the past few months. With our Blank Canvases, you can pick up a paintbrush and get creative! We offer various designs and finishes, so you (and your children!) can get painting with ease. This option is another perfect choice if you’re looking for gifts for aunts, uncles, and grandparents – your little ones’ artwork will surely be hung proudly on the wall in no time!

bathroom Canvas art

8: Canvas Prints Gift Voucher

If you can’t decide what to put on your canvas, you can always give your recipient the freedom to choose what they’d like to print themselves! With our Gift Vouchers, you can choose any amount from £10 to £100. A Canvas Design gift voucher is a fantastic option for corporate gestures – if you have a client you’d like to impress or a new member of a team, a gift voucher gives them the freedom to print whatever they’d like. We can also customise your gift vouchers with company logos for that extra bespoke touch. Gift vouchers are the perfect choice of gift for the person you don’t know intimately, or for the person that has everything.  

canvas print gift vouchers

No matter the occasion, we can help you create the perfect canvas. From corporate gifts, to family, to decorating your new home, we can help you bring memories, photos, and artwork to life. Click here to get started.

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