Gallery Wrap - Explained

This term gallery wrap or bleed is the thing that confuses more people when they are ordering a canvas print. The funny thing is that it is a very simple process to understand.

  1. If you order your canvas with bleed, we fold the image round the edge of the canvas frame.
  2. If you order your canvas without bleed, we leave the canvas frame with a white edge.

So now we have explained this very simple term, you may be asking what if my photo has a persons head near to the edge or there is some critical part of the photo that you do not want to loose on the canvas?

This again is very simple to explain. We actually ADD image data to the prepared photo before we fold it. Nothing on the front off the photo is lost. How do we do this?

We mirror the last 2 inches of the photo and add this to the prepared file. Any silly looking objects are cloned away to make the edges look more natural.

Another example can be seen below where the dog would have looked silly mirrored over the edge. Our artists cloned out the offending areas to make a more natural looking prepared file.

The dog on the left has bleed applied using the image data and then cloned. The dog on the right has no bleed applied and therefore white has been added.

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