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A photo montage is a great way of showing off a collection of photos and they also make a truly unique gift for that person that seems to have everthing. Examples of what you could produce using our photo collage service include:

  1. A display of photos of a loved one at different stages of their life to be presented as a milestone birthday gift.
  2. A collection of photos of a couple about to be married be given as a wedding present.
  3. A collage of photos of your children to be given as a gift to their grandparents.
  4. A display of photos of a favourite family pet.
  5. A record of a special trip e.g. a Hen party
A simple layout but our most popular photo montage available. Works best with four photographs as shown in the example.
This is ideal for when you want to focus on one photograph in the middle of the canvas
You can add any two lines of text to this layout. It is perfect if you are producing a milestone birthday gift like an 18th or 21st.
You might want to choose this shape if you are producing a collage of photos for a wedding gift or even a Valentines Day gift
A very striking format if you want to keep the photos separated. Always looks best when printed on a black background.
Get a collage created of your Ironman Triathlon day. Totally unique and customised.

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