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Those looking for a cheap and different way to transform their walls need to look no further than split canvas printing, which is simply just splitting your favorite image across many canvas panels. They're a great alternative to the classic canvas photo since it gives you more options to include a variety of images. But just like the classic canvas photo, the result is both eye catching and striking, adding some personality to your walls and home d├ęcor. Not many really know what split canvas prints are so here's a quick rundown:

What they are

Split canvas printing, or panel printing as it's known in the industry, is simply an image or concept that's divided into smaller pieces instead of one big piece of canvas. And just to clarify, your one picture doesn't get sized down into smaller pieces. Instead, you get to pick the size of the panels you want and then your particular print is then transferred on each section, providing a more artistic look to the canvas that will leave a big impact on those who see it. Split canvas printing is anything but choppy and can really be the talking piece of any room.

How they work

Your chosen image is transferred into the various shapes on the canvas and together they combine to make one whole photo. There are two types of split canvasses: tryptch and diptych canvases. Tryptch is when you split your chosen photo into only three panels, while diptych is when you split it into two. All you have to do is upload your image into our system and we'll handle the rest so that everything looks great. We'll make sure the finish, color and quality are all high so that you get an amazing split canvas you'll be proud to show off.

How to use them

You can use these canvases in your home or office and they're great for Panoramas since they're fairly large photos that you can easily split up into smaller pieces and then hang them together for real impact. And if you really want to show off your creative side, you can snap a picture of your subject from various angles using different frames instead of opting for a panorama picture. And you can easily apply your own take to pictures by using various editing apps to change the color, saturation and more!

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