Funeral Service Canvas Prints

Funeral Service Canvas Prints

  • Have you lost someone recently and you are planning a Funeral Service
  • At Canvasdesign we specialise in printing and producing Funeral Service canvas prints
  • Place them on the coffin or in the hearse on the way to the Church and then display the canvas during the church service - A fitting tribute
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5 Ways To Commemorate A Loved One At A Funeral Service

Memorial Tree

Create a memorial tree to reflect on everyone's fond memories of the deceased. Simply use a vase filled with some rocks and twigs or branches from a tree and leave notecards on a table for people to write down their best memories of a loved one. The family then takes it home and reads them whenever they feel down and miss the deceased. Reading the memories of others will console their grieving hearts. Or the notes can feature condolences messages from guests that the family can read at the memorial service or in private.

Photo Quilt

Use old photos to create a photo quilt for a grieving family. This quilt can be hung over the casket during the service and then given to the family after to cherish as a way to always remember their lost loved one. For an even more unique quilt, use pieces of their clothing, which will make the piece that much more personal.

Butterfly Release

Many opt for a dove release at the end of a funeral service, but butterflies are a pleasant alternative. In many culture, a butterfly represents transformation. A butterfly release can be a very meaningful and beautiful tribute to honor the deceased's transformation from life to death.

Funeral Photo Canvas Prints

To remember a lost loved one, a photo canvas of a favorite picture of them on top of the coffin and displayed at the service or memorial will personalize their funeral. The right photo can invoke peace for family and friends who are mourning their loss, knowing that their loved one is at peace. Go above and place several photo canvas prints around the service from different times in that person's life so that others can fondly remember the love and appreciation they felt for the deceased during the service. Another great idea is a Montage Funeral Canvas print displaying multiple photos on one canvas.

Memorial Shadow Box

A memorial shadow box incorporates photos and other favorite items from the deceased's life that can all be placed in a box that will be on display at the service. It's a great way to show off some of their past interests, passions and hobbies to those that might have never known otherwise.

A death is a tragic event. Losing a loved one is never easy even though it's part of life. Everyone ultimately has an end date, some sooner than others, but the truth is it's always hard. Not being able to hug, hold, talk or communicate with a loved one who has passed is probably one of the hardest things to accept, which makes funerals that much harder on family members. As the last goodbye, a funeral is a family's last chance to send off their loved one, which is why funerals are sad, but special events.

Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter funerals, with a huge increase in families looking to personalize the funeral of their loved ones. Today's ageing population now have a slew of funeral choices than previous generations, allowing their family's a bit more solace and comfort in trying times.

Funerals today are unique to each individual, reflecting their interests, passions and hobbies from when they were alive. But sometimes, many families don't have the time or the energy to plan a truly unique memorial service that their loved one deserves since they are too wrapped up in their grief and would rather let funeral celebrants help them prepare the service. Or they make look to other friends for help on how to memorialize the deceased's life for an impactful service that celebrates their lasting legacy. If you have a loved one who has recently died or know someone who is planning a memorial service or a funeral, here are a few ides on how to commemorate a loved one

Funeral Canvas prints
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