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  • Congrats, you did it! Graduating from university is no easy feat, so pat yourself on the back for getting that degree. Now, what should you do with your graduation photos?
  • So don't waste any time and get all the graduation photos into unique Graduation Canvas Prints!
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4 Cool Things To Do With Your Graduation Photos

Make keychains with the photos

This might sound corney, but hear us out… By making keychains with your favorite graduation photos, you’ll be able to show off your amazing achievement while on the go and it’ll serve as a reminder about how far you’ve come. This way, you can sort of brag about your degree without verbally saying anything about it and give yourself a great reminder of where you want to go in life. Whenever you need motivation or feel you’re not enough, simply look down at that keychain with your graduation photo on it and push on! And it’ll make a great talking piece with people who see it and just might impress them even more!

Use them as your screensaver

Many people say that some of their best years were in college, so why not remind yourself often by making your favorite graduation photos at your computer’s/phone’s screensaver or backdrop photo! This way you can easily reminisce about the good old days at university whenever you’re working or on your phone. And it’ll serve as more encouragement to go out and try to live the life you’ve always wanted in college since it’ll remind you of what you worked hard for thus far. It’s a great motivational way to keep yourself going when things and life gets tough.

Create a shadow box

If you want to do something more than just frame your graduation photos, you can always create a cool shadow box with them that can also incorporate your graduation hat’s tassel, the program from the university graduation ceremony and even your robes if you want! The great thing about shadow boxes is that you can personalize it however you want, making it a personal keepsake that’ll make you proud. It’ll be filled with all sorts of memorabilia from your university days and will make you nostalgic whenever you see it!

Graduation Canvas Prints

These days, you can create canvas prints for just about anything, which is a great way to use your graduation photos! These make great gifts for your parents who will want to commemorate your achievement by hanging a personalised graduation photo canvas print on their wall so that they can brag about your achievement. Graduation photos on customised canvas prints can come in any size you want and will show off your hard work in school to all who sees it! You can opt for an extra large canvas print for your wall at home or a smaller size to add to your desk at the new job scored now that you have your degree.

Well Done!!! Graduating from university these days is no easy feat, so pat yourself on the back for getting that degree you always dreamed of having. Now that you have graduated, what should you do with your photos from that special day? Of course, print them out and put them in a frame to remember your achievement, but if you want something cooler and more unique, then why not turn your graduation photos into stunning canvas prints!

So if you want to do something way cooler than simply adding your graduation photos to an ordinary frame, use our tips to commemorate that special day in your life!

And you can even personalize graduation canvas prints even more by adding various filters to make the photo unique and even add in your favorite quote or some inspirational saying that best describes your time at university. These personalised graduation canvas prints are made using state-of-the-art printing technology so you know you’re getting quality photos that will last for years to come! Plus, they don’t cost an arm and a leg given you probably don't have a lot of cash after just graduating from university!

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