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  • Have you got a Horse that you love and need a canvas print of it?
  • At Canvasdesign we specialise in printing and producing Equestrian canvas prints
  • Maybe you are a showjumper or just a horse owner. Our equestrian canvas prints are the answer for you.
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5 Reasons to get a Canvas of your Horse


Horses are one of the most majestic animals in nature. From wild horses, roaming free across the countryside to well-trained competition horses, which perform stunning routines that seem impossible to those watching, there’s no way to completely capture the striking features of these creatures. However, there is one way to get close. Canvas prints are a great way to get the stunning details of a professional photograph, while also having the long-lasting durability to be displayed for years to come. With that in mind, here are five reasons to get an equestrian canvas print.

  • Capture competition memories

If you’re a competitive horse rider, there’s no better way to capture your most triumphant and emotional moments than via a canvas print. These prints allow you to take a larger than life moment and capture it in an image that’s the perfect size for your living room, so you never forget the emotional high of the competition. With life-like accuracy, there’s no better way to commemorate your special moment.

  • Add a Western or country vibe to any room

Horse prints aren’t only for those who compete with horses. Whether you’re a fan of Western movies or just a fan of country living, adding a horse print is a really good way to show off that side of your personality. When placed on a rustic orange wall, or surrounded by antlers and images of nature, these canvases can really shine, and just may convince your friends that they’ve left city-living behind for a simpler way of life.

  • Remember horses you’ve lost

One of the hardest parts of a horse owner’s life is losing one of their animals. The bond between a human and their horse is one that can’t be explained to most, and the loss can be devastating. So, if you’re looking for a classy, distinguished way to honor a horse that meant the world to you, a canvas print can be a thoughtful way to keep the memory of them alive for years to come.  

  • Give a great gift

Equestrian prints also make a great gift for the horse lover in your life. Unfortunately, buying a horse is incredibly expensive, meaning that though you probably can’t afford to get your child one for Christmas, you can always get them a print of one. From young to old, this gift shows your loved one that not only do you know them well, but also just how much you care.

  • Add a statement piece  

One of the best parts of a horse canvas print is that most people don’t have one, making it a daring statement piece to add your home. This image will stand out, grab attention, and make a great centerpiece for any room. Adding a unique flair to your space, there’s no better conversation starter than this print.
Equestrian canvas prints are great for horse owners and horse lovers alike. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

If you’re a big fan of animals, especially horses, you’re not alone. Horses are one of the most respected and loved animals all over the world, and from the earliest drawings by cavemen to some of the most distinguished modern art, there’s no shortage of imagery regarding these majestic creatures.

If you’re looking for a way to show off some of this stunning equestrian art in your own home, look no farther than Canvasdesign.  All our canvas prints are made by hand and carefully packaged right here in Darwen, Lancashire, so you receive your art in perfect condition. No home assembly is required, and your canvas will arrive framed and ready to hang. We only use the finest materials in producing our canvas prints, with pine wooden frames, high grade 280gsm canvas and Epson inks. Your canvas will firstly be carefully packed in protective bubble wrap, and then secured in our custom-made corrugated cardboard packaging. We manufacture a large range of designs and sizes whether it be from a professional artist or your own camera roll, meaning there’s something for everybody. Our horse canvas prints make a great gift for any occasion, and are perfect for any room in the house, from your living room to your bedroom, or even a wall in the office.

There are infinite pieces of horse related art on the internet, and if you’ve purchased or downloaded a piece of digital artwork, Canvasdesign can help you make it into your ideal canvas print. All you have to do is upload your artwork to our website by CLICKING HERE and our online ordering system will guide you through the purchasing process. Alternatively, you can email us your artwork and we can process the order for you. Let us help you get your ideal print today!
All our canvas prints come framed and ready to hang and even include a canvas hanging kit. Starting at £4.99 for a 6x6" canvas, we will not be beaten on price. Next day delivery is available if you order your canvas prints before Noon - Monday to Thursdays only as we do not deliver on Saturday. ORDER HERE

equestrian canvas art prints

All our canvas prints come framed and ready to hang and even include a canvas hanging kit. Starting at £4.99 for a 6x6" canvas, we will not be beaten on price. Next day delivery is available if you order your canvas prints before Noon - Monday to Thursdays only as we do not deliver on Saturday. ORDER HERE

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