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  • We spend a lot of time at work, so why wouldn’t you want to make it more inviting?
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5 Ways To Make Your Office More Inviting

Work can be stressful and when it is, your health can be affected in a negative way, which is why you should make every effort to make your office more inviting for employees and visitors. When the atmosphere and vibes at work are positive and upbeat, so will your employees and their performance.

1. Create a clutter-free office

Clutter everywhere can make everyone anxious and nervous. It can create a chaotic atmosphere and throw everyone out of wrack at work. Plus, dirt and clutter are distractions and often take your mind from the task that you are doing. Instead, create a clutter-free workspace for all with lots of storage and have someone clean up every evening so that the office is clean and pleasant each morning when your employees get into the office.

2. Create harmony with aesthetics

When decorating your workspace, have everything in harmony with each other. Choose matching furnishings, colors and draperies that are pleasing and easy to the eye instead of distracting pieces or colors that will simply throw off your employees as they work. Also, add personal touches to the office that are inviting and comfortable instead of having items that make it seem like some sort of institution. Choose comfy, yet functional, pieces that aren't rigid or boring. For lighting, opt for softer lighting options instead of harsh, bright lights that can also be distracting. Whenever possible, use natural light since it's healthier and a great stress reliever. But when you can't, proper lighting can make a big difference in the mood of your employees, so go with interesting, but functional, light fixtures that will help make the office more inviting and comfy!

3. Choose custom artwork

Really give your space some personality with custom canvas prints for the artwork in your office. Choose prints that are calm and serene or options that reflect your company. With custom canvas prints, you can create artwork of your employees for an even more impact for your office. And with us, you can easily buy bulk canvas prints to decorate your entire office, headquarters and even add some artwork to your home! It's super easy to do and you can use your own photos or find licensed ones online that fit with your office's aesthetics.

4. Be green

Don't forget to add living plants, flowers and other greens into your office to bring a bit of nature inside. Plants not only look nice and add some green to the workplace, but they also improve indoor air quality. They can also improve the health of your employees since they are known for reducing stress and increasing productivity. They also keep the environment on your mind and can help make you more environmentally aware and overall, just make offices and spaces a whole lot comfortable. Your guests and employees will definitely appreciate having live green plants around the office!

5. Have a healthy snack bar

Nourish your employee's health by adding a healthy snack bar in the office that features healthy items like fresh fruit, nuts and protein bars. Fueling their bodies will make them more productive and happier employees, allowing them to appreciate their job more and being more efficient while at work!

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