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More people are acquiring pets each day that pass by. The love for dogs and cats is so much that they outnumber children in certain areas. Pets are truly wonderful to have and you know how many pictures and videos you've taken of your dog just this week alone. We all want the memories we've made to stay forever, even after our favourite pets pass on.

This is beautiful and nice but something more dramatic, something that treats them like royalty while immortalizing them in paintings is just excellent. Renaissance portrait painting for pets is now the new trend. It doesn't matter what style you want, these renaissance artist bring portraits to life almost describing your pet with characters and colour.

You claim to have portraits of all your family members in your home, look around you. Where are the portraits of your cat? Didn't you say that your pet is family?

Your pets can live on through portraits

Apart from horses, most pets live for roughly a decade. This is more than enough time to have bonded so strongly with a pet. When they finally pass away, this portrait will make grieving easier. If you want their memories to remain forever, then make several custom made renaissance portraits of them that remind you of special moments.

Renaissance portraits are incomparably stylish

This style of artistic architecture is one that is paralleled by none. Although it originated in medieval times, its transition into modern art is appreciated by many. No wonder this art is currently being purchased by many. Renaissance portraits use 14th century style and culture to transform your pet's face into a special character, usually one that depicts his persona. Was he kingly or did she carry herself like a queen?-a royal knight or a palace guard?

It shows others where your heart is

Your love for your pets shouldn't go unnoticed. Whether they are alive or not, a renaissance portrait is perfect for expressing appreciation to your four legged friend. When a friend stops by at your place and sees a portrait of your favourite pet, he'll be blown off his feet. These portraits which are ideal for offices as well as homes tell the world of the dedicated and real friendship you have or had with your pets.

A renaissance pet portrait gift is the ideal gift for a pet lover

Oh boy! You can't imagine the joy that someone who just lost a pet will fell if you present him with one. It could be presented as a birthday gift, a parting gift or whichever to someone you know and care about. The uniqueness of this piece makes it very special.

Its good decoration, it combines a classic taste with an exotic style

Renaissance portraits are not your regular art piece especially if it's one of a pet-character. Many who don't even have pets have this portraits hanging down their walls- it's totally on trend. It is unique, contemporary and exotic. You should definitely have many different custom made copies of renaissance portraits.

Renaissance Pet Portrait

Your beloved pet can live forever. Not in the flesh yes, but you can carry the happiest memories you have of them with you in one simple, well defined portrait. We have experienced by ourselves and seen in others, the depth of affection and the strength of bonds that humans can have with their pets. We give them proper burials, make lovely cakes on their birthdays, take them to spas for a luxury massage and keep pictures of them close to ours.

Your commitment to keeping your pet happy is a reflection of how much you care about them. It is the least you can do to be appreciative of their dedication and loyalty. Everyone loves a beautiful portrait. Even more if it's one of a loved one, family or a beloved pet. What do you think of your pet's face turned into a special costume character portrait?

At the Renaissance pet portrait, we transform your pet into elegant characters. You can decide to choose whatever role you want your pet to bear a resemblance to, maybe one that portrays his real personality. Did he own his territory like an army general or lord over other animals around like a king? Whatever it is, queen, jester, knight, soldier etc. there are a number of characters to make your selection from. Feel free to go through our list of lucrative contemporary artist and choose one whose paintings appeal to you the most. Our paintings bring you an experience beyond just immortalizing your pet, we want you to see these paintings and smile because of how they rejuvenate buried memories.

Getting this done is pretty simple. Begin with sending us an email with different or even a single photo of your beloved pet. After which a match is made with a fitting renaissance painting. If you will like us to, we have provisions for photo sessions if you live close by.

Most people own dog and cat pets, birds and horses are in the number too. With the aid of photoshop, we are able to customize these animals, giving them a royal blend of renaissance painting character.

renaissance pet portraits uk

To order your Pet Portrait please email us your Photo and Size requirements to Canvasdesign Mail and we will send you a proof, a quotation for the artwork and a custom link were you can pay for the work to be started.


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